Budget Travel Around Thailand

By | November 18, 2012

by Cherry Gonzales
(Manila. Philippines)

Budget travel creates freedom for mind & soul!

Budget travel creates freedom for mind & soul!

You would think it’s not possible but it is!.
You can get around a country and explore the many wonders of it by taking available local transportations from one tourist spot to another, cheaply!

This is the secret to budget travels and backpacking. If you’re used to taking a plane, then it’s time to hit the road as it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to travel.

Be open-minded and you’ll get used to it. A 20-hour bus ride won’t be torture anymore and a 10-hour bus ride will be a breeze. One country that you can explore for a relatively small amount of money is Thailand.

The Chao Phraya River is a major transportation “artery” in Thailand.The river starts right up in the north of the country beyond Chiang Mai & winds it’s way right down to the Gulf of Thailand south of Bangkok. Along it’s complete length it is a vast network of carg boats,ferries and water taxis also known as longtail boats.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is where budget-conscious and bargain-hunters converge! Kaho San or Thanon Khao Saan also known as Kahosan, Kao Sarn and many other variations is, technically speaking, a small street about three blocks long located several meters from the Chao Phraya River in the Banglamphu district northwest of downtown Bangkok.

This is where you’ll find some of the cheapest accommodation and travel deals in Thailand.It has evolved over the years and is known worldwide as a “backpackers’ ghetto”.

Backpackers and budget tourists are drawn to this area of Bangkok for its Khao San “vibe”. The street is lined with different handicrafts, paintings and other art works, clothes, food, second-hand books and even pirated CDs, DVDs, fake educational diplomas, fake driver’s licenses and many other interesting articles – legit or not!

Thailand is known for many things and the food always tops the list. There are friendly roadside eateries who have the most inexpensive and most delicious dishes.

Some famous Thai Street Food are: Pad Thai,Rad Naa and Pad See Iw.Pad Thai is a stir fried rice noodle. Rad Naa is a flat noodle dish with beef, pork or chicken with vegetables,topped with special gravy.Pad See Iw the dried and fried version of Rad Naa with dark soy sauce and chili and other dishes like various kinds of satay and curries.

Meals in Khao San are relatively cheap. For 20thb-25thb, you can have rice with vegetables and egg for breakfast plus spare change for coffee or tea.

Many budget tourists also use Khao San road as a starting point for the rest of their stay in Thailand. There are many direct buses or mini-vansgoing to almost all the major tourist destinations or hot spots – from Chiang Mai in the north and Ko Pha Ngan in the South.Travel agenciesabound in this area.

Travel agents here can also arrange transportation and visas in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia.

However, be very careful in dealing with these people as many (if not most) travel agents are frauds. It would be best to use public buses instead.

From Khao San Road, you can take a bus going to Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi is located where the Khwae Noi and Khwae Yai Rivers converge into the Mae Klong river. Kanchanaburi is famous for its wonderful and peaceful floating raft houses on the Khwae Yai River. Many visitors to Kanchanaburi each year also visit the Death Railway , which is the railway line between Thailand & Burma that was built by allied POW’s & Asian forced labourers during World War 2.

There are many guest houses and raft houses here that offer rooms at less than $10 a night.You can even take a wooden train ride from Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok (Nam Tok means waterfalls) for 200B back and forth.

Chang Mai is also just bus ride away from Kanchanaburi for around 500B, it is a 3-hour mini-van ride from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok and a bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Upon arriving in Chiang Mai ,you can decide where to stay, there is a dizzying array of places to choose from from fan only budget rooms from 300thb/night right up to 5* luxury hotels, Chiang Mai has a great selection to suit all pockets & budgets!.

There are many places to see in Thailand and lots of backpack and budget accommodation to choose from if you’re not too picky, don’t even bother to worry about booking it in advance, there is always plenty of spare rooms available!.

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