Brian Eno H. Budd The Plateaux of Mirror Above Chiangmai

By | November 27, 2013

Personal Video creation Music by Brian Eno and Harold Budd Album:The Plateaux of Mirror Title: Above Chiangmai This video takes the point of view of God with…

chiang mai

20 thoughts on “Brian Eno H. Budd The Plateaux of Mirror Above Chiangmai

  1. Chris Simmons

    Superb pacing, and you seem to have caught the impressionistic sense of
    Budd/Eno’s work: gleaming events of light in a rich darkness…

  2. icer78

    you’ve touched a nerve, this is my favourite Eno/Budd track. Absolutly
    brain storming.

  3. raphdub

    Thank you, your encouragements encourages me to continue work. The “visual
    music” is an art which starts.

  4. wyrdsisterz

    love your work realy suits the music thanks!!

  5. jimineycricket84

    if the artist of these videos is listening, try doing a video for compact
    forest composition by brain, i’ve always wanted some dark enchanted visuals
    to watch it too. this is superb work friend

  6. icer78

    I can’t help breaking in tears everytime I hear this music. If heaven
    exists, this must be the kind of music that should sound all the time.

  7. exgiexpcv

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for creating this.

  8. cathridge

    My other favorite song from this album after the title track. Nice video.

  9. xxxholographic

    Superb. A great video for a superlative piece of music. Thank you.

  10. iloveu606

    When you want peace, listen to eno and budd, and drft away. Mr Ambient

  11. gergsar

    heaven does not enjoy it now… but not to worry…we won’t
    either…and that’s not a bad thing at all.

  12. gergsar

    I certainly did not intend to taint icer78’s comment. I can see that it
    could have been taken that way…I’m sorry if it was.

  13. gerry moran

    As I sit in my room with infinitely too much clutter, I realise it should
    have been discarded ages ago. I see stuff which I never seem to have the
    courage to let go of but which deep down I know I don’t really need
    anymore, and I realise the mental burden it exerts on my mind. My physical
    baggage has become emotional baggage. Eno and Budd give me a glimpse of how
    clutter free my room could be.

  14. Locust1313

    nice to know some people recognise and appreciate the space between the

  15. duriandecay

    i feel like i am in the air, over villages, fields, birds..

  16. Andrew Tartaglia

    i imagine walking through a jungle when i listen to this

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