Bizarre Foods: Bangkok

By | November 28, 2013

Andrew returns to one of the most stimulating and abundant food cities in the all of the world’Bangkok. It’s a food paradise for anyone with a hungry appetit…


22 thoughts on “Bizarre Foods: Bangkok

  1. MissJessyeNorman

    Just not bad? Not a revelation? That’s sad, I was hoping to hear raves ­čśë

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    great video, thank you for sharing

  3. jovanka ristivojevic

    i have to share this . out of everything i eat scrambled eggs are the most
    yummiest of foods. went to a fancy restaurant but my eggs kill those
    dishes. i sincerely mean that. i just got the wow factor from my eggs. yum
    yum yum. either the chefs are making my meals more crap or i’m just being a
    better cook. hahahahha

  4. hanliehauptdeparada

    love his Thai guide, she is so cute. The food…not so much… prefer the
    more normal Thai dishes…

  5. bahasarojak

    At Jok’s, the guide and Jok were speaking Hokkien.

  6. fornax100

    15:06 in other words; Zimmern prefers bigger cocks……….

  7. deltalima168

    those insects have parasites which will grow inside your nasty

  8. iRexJr

    Shes really nice. Nym is one of my dad’s friend and we have her over for
    dinner sometimes. She is truly a lively person!

  9. MoominPower

    I am clearly in the wrong occupation. See you later guys im away to host
    food docs haha

  10. ImKavi

    I would fucking knock u out if u had said this to my face. Stop being a
    racist cunt and on the other side this isn’t the only food we eat. We
    Asians are smarter than half of the world as well.

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