Big Trouble In Thailand [S01E04]

By | November 23, 2013

following the work of police in South-East Asia as they deal with British travellers who are experiencing trouble with Thai authorities.


23 thoughts on “Big Trouble In Thailand [S01E04]

  1. laddawan nupaen

    The problem is not caused by Thailand. It came from. Drunken tourists with
    drugs. spoiled Foreign girls. Muggers are foreigners.

  2. laddawan nupaen

    Fix it easy !!!! if you guys are want to be crazy in holiday “”” Do not
    come to our Thailand “” because bad thing ..start from !! You guys came
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we no want you guys !!! we no need you guys!!! because
    you guys came do stupid to our Thailand …..plead!!!! No Holiday in
    Thailand !!!! we really don’t want Crazy Foreiner!!!!! in out mind Foreiner
    are spupid .because you guys show that we saw that we met that !!! so
    whenever you guys fight with anybody we not care much.

  3. jkyu2k10

    this lady boy appears in gordon ramsay great escape thailand during his
    chiang mai visit hahaha

  4. lastand09

    wow, I spent two weeks in Thailand about two years ago and didn’t see one
    incidence of violence, burglary, etc, although i’m sure it does happen. it
    was my best vacation by far and I hope to return (several times) in the
    future. moral of the story is if you don’t pay attention to your
    surroundings and the people you hang with and if you actively seek out
    illegal offerings like drugs and sex, you should expect nothing but trouble
    and that goes for whichever country you’re visiting.

  5. MisterBouncyBounce

    it’s sad the bbc has become just as horrible as american tv.

  6. MisterBouncyBounce

    it might have been broadcast and recorded off bravo but i think it’s a bbc
    production. i’d be happy to be wrong though.

  7. TonyVegas Vegas


  8. LlamaBlu

    You’re just ignorant. I pity you. Thailand can survive just right on legit
    tourist without self-important like you who think so highly of your bucks.

  9. cladam81

    well said dude, weve just been for our 2nd trip, less boofheads causing
    trouble in bangla road than lockout time in newcastle on a fri or sat
    night. you can get in trouble anywhere you go

  10. Vancouver2000

    It’s then not than. You use than when you should use then. why..? look at
    the examples below. Do they speak English n Australia.? do the crime than
    you deserve the time. criminal activity in Thailand, than fuck you

  11. boum62

    Fascinating but frankly I find it very distasteful that old men from my
    country (England) think it is acceptable to bang these youngsters which, at
    the end of the day, are someone’s daughter and probably someone’s Mum.

  12. NoosaFanatics

    hhaha u feel safer in thailand than australia..? dunno where u live in aus
    mate but it must be shitttt

  13. Paweena Inta

    Thailand never been colonized. If the whites do something for us , we just
    know that they want something back. Nothing is freeand. Sex tourism is
    against the law and Buddhism. so good luck to you foreigners, if you get
    caught by a conservative cop. Especially when you’re white. You glow in the
    darkness, we see everything.You will understand how we think about
    foreigners when you can speak our language. We call Arabs and Indians for
    “guest”. It does not apply to the white .

  14. Paweena Inta

    Disney land for adults ,yes.But when you dont have money. hahaha…try
    again. You will get big trouble,when you dont follow our low or culture.
    For many of us Western tourists have low culture because we judge their
    behavior in our country.Thailand is a Buddhist country and we are very
    conservative. We are very proud people and nationalists. We are humble to
    tourists because it is only a business for us.We see white people as
    greedy, because they occupied many Asian countries.

  15. alex corvinus

    western people out of money in thailand .. they pretend they lost their
    camera . laptop and money to get insurance ahahahahhahah some of them is
    phedofilia and sex hunter in asia couple years ago , australian phedofil
    sentences 20 years prison in lombok indonesia he come as tourist and
    pretend to help poor kid but he molested the kid he hang himself when he in

  16. johan404

    Except Amsterdam, there cannabis and prostitution are accepted.

  17. johan404

    So basically what you’re saying is that Thai people are very racist and

  18. AdamAus85

    Horrible country on so many levels, happy to send my tourist dollars

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