Bicycles and Much More in Benjakiti Park, Bangkok

By | August 24, 2013

TVL0571-Benjakiti-Park-2013-07-03-08.14A nice part about living in or visiting Thailand is that Thai people like to stay fit and they build the public parks to do this. One such park is the Benjakiti Park in Central Bangkok.

Amazingly, it is a park situated in the midst of some of the city’s heaviest traffic yet inside it is nothing but peace and serenity. It is also one of the parks where the bicyclist can take his or her own bike or rent one belonging to the facility. Here are some of the attractions of Benjakiti Park as well as information about how to get there.

Getting to the Park

The park can be reached by either the Bangkok Sky Train System (BTS) or Metro Rapid Transit subway (MRT). If taking the BTS, you want get off at the Asoke station and if taking the MRT you want to get off at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center station.

When getting off the BTS at Asoke, take the stairs facing Ratchadaphisek Avenue (the one with the long line of traffic waiting at the intersection). This is exit 4.

If taking the MRT, you will need to cross Ratchadaphisek Avenue. Just follow the signs to the convention center as the park is right next to it.

Walking Track

 The innermost track surrounding the center lake is for walking and running and measures 1.8 km. It has a smooth surface making it perfect for these activities. You can even venture off of the oval and walk in the shade if the sun is getting to you. The park is not shaded as well as some of the other parks but this side path gives you a break.

Bicycling Track

 Benjakiti Park also has a smooth surface bicycle track around the inner walking track that measures 2.0 km. If you don’t have your own bicycle, no problem. You can rent a bicycle for a mere 40 Baht (a little of $1 U.S.) per hour.

The bicycle path is a welcome solution to the problem bicyclists have in Bangkok. The traffic is extremely heavy in the city and bicycling is quite hazardous. But at this park you can open up and go as fast and as long as you like.

Exercise Stations

 No need to fork out tons of money for a gym membership when you have a park that has exercise machines in a shaded area. They have stationary bikes, rowing machines, and other basic exercise equipment. There are no long lines of people waiting to use them either.

Paddle Boats

 The most prominent feature of the park is the lake in the middle. On the east side of the walking track, you’ll see another way to get your exercise while having fun. These are paddle boats that you can hire and take a spin on the lake.

 Quiet and Serene Atmosphere

 Benjakiti Park is somewhat of a secret in Bangkok thus you won’t find it very crowded throughout the day. This air of secrecy is probably due to the popularity of nearby Lumpini Park where most go, especially in the evening.

However, this makes for a quiet and serene atmosphere, especially in the morning. You can walk among the finely manicured gardens and enjoy nothing but peace and quiet. You will see others practicing meditation and doing Tai Chi as well as other Asian martial arts for health.

Health and fitness are a priority among Thai people and it shows by the beautiful parks they have built in various parts of the city. Benjakiti Park is no exception. Plus, it is a great way to get away from the stress of the city bustle. Whether you live here or are a tourist, take care of your health and mental outlook by visiting the Benjakiti Park.

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