Best Things To Do in Koh Samui – Bo Phut Walking Market

By | November 29, 2013

Every Friday night, the Fisherman’s Village of Bo Phut, on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand erupts into a vivacious walking market. Delicious food stands,…

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14 thoughts on “Best Things To Do in Koh Samui – Bo Phut Walking Market

  1. Crystal Bay

    These are indeed amazing things to do.. Check out the Crystal bay in Koh
    samui as well.. It’s located near the Thong Takian bay in Lamai. Please
    take your time out to check our new video of the Crystal bay resort!

  2. bigkiwial

    Look out for the cocktail stalls, 3-4 will blow your head off, serious lack
    of public loos though!!

  3. Georgina Mitchell

    I have just come back from Phuket, Donsak and Koh Samui and I went to this
    walking village and it was so fun. Great food as well. Did you go in any of
    the bars? Alot of my aunties own most of the bars so maybe you could have
    gone in one 🙂

  4. spiros strag

    cant you tell me the name of this song version…???

  5. Ar Ty

    “คิดบัญชี คาราบาว” you can find it on youtube (It’s the first clip)

  6. nelbulldog

    Thanks SuN Nus. Basically its the Thai version of Bob Marley’s classic
    “This could be love.”

  7. Thitima Rerknam

    feel verygood for have a lot of ppl from the others country come to visit
    our land… and thing u do can show for your friend too. that not only the
    bad ways or bad things and another events which happen and make the ppl
    feel bad about thailand…became to the good way.i’m not good in english
    but feel thakyou uuuuuuuu too much……

  8. Thitima Rerknam

    both of mans .sing song as well as… love bob marley and Add karaboa.

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