Best of Koh Samui, Thailand: top sights

By | November 27, 2013

Top places, HD video, interactive map and photographs of Koh Samui, including information about the island, Nathon city, Big Buddha Beach, Hat Maenam, Hat Bo…

koh samui

24 thoughts on “Best of Koh Samui, Thailand: top sights

  1. Crystal Bay

    If you really like Koh samui, check out the video I’ve made of the most
    beautiful beach of Koh Samui, Located on the Thong takian bay. The crystal
    bay resort in Koh samui.

  2. amanda cu

    beautiful.. going there soon~~!! got lovely Thai friends who live there~!!

  3. Mat Siems

    Hi Kailey, I would love to see you pics as Koh Samui is such as dream
    place…especially for a photo shoot.

  4. RLHLD

    I’ve spent the last 11 months dreaming about going back, 3 weeks left to
    go. ASIA I MISS YOU!!

  5. Francisco Gamez Sanchez

    Video highlighting why Koh Samui is one of the best places to visit on

  6. Mat Siems

    We went to Koh Samui in September and we still had some great weather with
    less of season crowds

  7. Mat Siems

    Hope you will have a fantastic trip to Koh Samui as it is such as great
    island in Southern Thailand. All the best!

  8. Mat Siems

    Lucky you Matt, wish we could go as well. All the best!

  9. Mat Siems

    There is no doubt about Koh Samui is such a wonderful place offering some
    of the World’s Best Beaches

  10. camiloktm

    elephant nature park is a great experience in Chiang Mai

  11. anna somers

    have been to coh chang,didn t like it at all,cos the water wasnt blue at
    all .planning to go to koh samui this year.need an advice who has been to
    both koh samui much better than koh chang?

  12. omar kaboudan

    nice vid,great photography! where is that place from 0:24-0:28? and

  13. George Graham

    This place look just like our island, great place!!!!!!

  14. May Aussie

    Did u ever to go Ark bar Chaweng beach or not ? That is wonderful place to
    enjoy music and foods

  15. pierre-guilhem Lapeze

    I’m going there for shure hotel look expensive somebody could tell me if
    it’s not cheaper to rent a small house

  16. Johann Helfrich

    Super-Video, Chaweng is a great place …geetings !

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