Best and Worst of Living in Chiang Mai Thailand

By | November 23, 2013

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20 thoughts on “Best and Worst of Living in Chiang Mai Thailand

  1. Mary Bartnikowski

    Suddenly you’ll learn what is the best and worst about living in Chiang Mai

  2. Mike Hamilton

    mary ! that was one of your dumbist videos yet. the main reason to stay i
    chiangmai is the variety of expats . its easy to make friends in chiangmai.
    its also inexpensive to rent rooms / apts / and homes there abouts and the
    medical industry in great. please do not post videos to collect pennies as
    you travel unless you have some real content to contribute . mike

  3. lynika cruz

    Hello lovely Mary. Loved Sharon my morning hot tea with you via this clip.
    Big huggs and love xxx

  4. lynika cruz

    Oops sharing not Sharon! I loved the content. Natural friend to friend kind
    of chat. Relaxing and gave me a laugh too remembering Chiang Mai streets
    and wild traffic x


    Hi Mary, great stories. I am wanting to move to Chaing Mai. If you could be
    so kind as to write to my email so I can write back to
    you with some questions that would be much appreciated Regards Hylton Smith

  6. Mary Bartnikowski

    Glad you are watching Hylton – my email is happy to
    hear from you.

  7. Mary Bartnikowski

    Dear Lynika, Its crazy nutty here on the streets – miss the ocean – meet me
    in California!? Thanks for watching and happy you got a laugh from it –
    thats my job to cheer up us folks living large in the world and I love it!
    Thrilled to be resting after that mammoth motorbike accident… whew – i
    have a new lease on life now – love being alive!

  8. Mary Bartnikowski

    Well Mike its called free speech. And I do this channel as a fun and lively
    service that is Free. There is no “collection of pennies” as you say as I
    am too busy living life out loud, creating cash from my photography and
    writing. Just had a brush with death a few days ago driving my motorbike in
    this insane traffic here in Chiang Mai and I’ve noticed my subscribers and
    300,000 views don’t agree with you about the “real content.” Perhaps you
    should create your own channel to rant on.

  9. Mary Bartnikowski

    Clicking my tea cup with yours and sending a big hug your way Darling

  10. lynika cruz

    Mary, I didn’t even know about the accident! Let’s Skype soon! And Yes!
    Let’s plan Cali! <3

  11. lynika cruz

    Much love to you Mary dear and a huge humungous hugg!

  12. Mary Bartnikowski

    Thanks for writing, there’s a lot of info on Chiang Mai, I publish Vagabond
    magazine on slow travel and there is an issue on Thailand with news about
    this area, if you want to check it out it is in the itunes store, link is
    above. There are so many places to stay here – best thing to do is get here
    and find a guesthouse in the center so it is easy to get around. Then start
    looking for apartments, if you come in September that’s the low season so
    you will have your pick of great places.

  13. poka513

    Moving to Chiang Mai next year, don’t have a timetable yet, but maybe
    sooner than later. Lived in San Francisco South Bay since 1971, but too
    expensive here now that I’m retired. You’ve got me worried about how I’m
    going to get around in Chiang Mai, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come
    to it. Thanks for sharing, keep moving forward.

  14. Mary Bartnikowski

    There are a lot of pluses to living here – its just that the traffic is a
    big con. You can take the red trucks everywhere and taxis to be safe –
    inexpensive and the red truck guys are good drivers. There are other cities
    in Thailand where the traffic is better. But drivers don’t follow rules
    here so its better to not drive is what I have decided.

  15. a88888888a

    Do you stay or go away during the Slash and Burn season in the spring?

  16. Mary Bartnikowski

    I have been in Thailand at this time of year but always in places that
    don’t have much burning. The seaside and Issan are great places to be in
    burn and slash time. I’m getting ready to leave very soon as it is now time
    to explore again, will reveal soon where I am going!

  17. Thaddeus M

    I plan on moving to Chiang Mai soon. My girlfriend is from there. As for
    the traffic. I can’t describe is politely here. It’s semi organized chaos!
    I’m surprised there isn’t more accidents. But yes the food is incredible as
    are the people. They are so polite and nice!

  18. Mary Bartnikowski

    Hi Thaddeus, there are a lot of accidents – Thailand is one of the worst
    places for brain injuries in the world from motor accidents. When I went to
    my chiropractor after my motorbike crash he said, “I’ve seen people with
    their heads half gone. Don’t ride a motorbike here, but that’s just me” so
    I stopped riding in Chiang Mai. Take the songteaws the red trucks they seem
    to never get in accidents.

  19. chrisC5339

    Hi Mary! I loved hearing the details of your journeys and the accompanying
    photographs. You are an amusing, (great facial expressions) informative
    raconteur. I also viewed your Belize beachfront shack footage, very quirky
    and funny. I’ like to move there from the great white north, perhaps start
    some sort of cottage business. Keep the videos and wonderful photographs
    coming! Chris.

  20. Mary Bartnikowski

    Hi Chris thanks for watching and writing I love doing the videos and
    sharing all the wonderful and crazy tales keep watching and check out my
    new book coming before Thanksgiving!

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