[Bangla Road Night Walk] Phuket,Thailand

By | November 30, 2013

If you are looking for an ideal location where entertainment is concerned, then Bangla Road, situated in Phuket, Thailand is definitely the place for you. Ba…

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6 thoughts on “[Bangla Road Night Walk] Phuket,Thailand

  1. sh2003able

    Never been to Thailand in my life, but your camera brought me there. Looks
    like pretty entertaining night place to me. Thanks, bud! By the way, how
    many countries have you been to, over 10? I would guess.

  2. stercraze06

    I would guess 8 sounds about right…9 if you count Canada!

  3. sh2003able

    Yeah, you can count Canada as the other one from north of the border. Wish
    I can get 9 as you did, 3 for me. Keep good videos coming, ST06. Thanks !

  4. HumanityWakeUpPlease

    I want to go back so bad. But now without a annoying hassling girlfriend

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