Bangkok Xiaxue

By | April 14, 2014

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Travel xiaxue comes clean about her photoshop skills, nasty critics and the perks of being a web sensation. blogger restaurants food experts share their eating secrets the best all-day breakfast joints sofitel so bangkok and angsana laguna phuket + “if i could, i’d love to eat with

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Famous Singapore bloggers, Dawn Yang and Xiaxue also had several plastic surgerieswho's an australian residing in Bangkok, assisting any of u who are

Original intention was to have liposuction done, but a miscommunication with the Bangkok hospital saw her with a tummy tuck instead. 'When I woke up after the operation, I

Like unfriendly and all but I obviously wasn't like Xiaxue on my first trial la. I managed toshow it to you one day. My pink camera's in Bangkok with my parents. Anyways.. yea

Honestly, which country dont have beggars? The person who made this statement should go Bangkok and have a look. I dont believe in groundless and empty promises. Its the way I

Cause even eugenechan prefers to read or listen to the mr. brown show. i damnit fun – i am going to bangkok for crazy shopping with eugenechan, like

Upgrade my line! and lastly i wanna save up for bangkok trip! oh god how many times didtime! anyway i was so touched by Xiaxue's interesting love story and e romantic

Kenny Sia – Malaysia's celebrity blogger Nicole Tan – A Travelling Malaysian blogger Xiaxue – Feisty Singaporean blogger 0163286699 – My ex-schoolmate's blog As this is my attempt

Are 3 Panasonic Lumix digital camera, 1 plug on, 1 plug from and a kiss from Dawn Yang . KY won the bid for a Lumix. He bid with about 8000 Nuffnang

333 34% 3. HERstory 275 28% 4. Stickman in Bangkok 173 18% Total Votes: 977 Best Political Percent 1. Sarong Party Girl 565 51% 2. Xiaxue 396 36% 3. Toi La Nguoi 152 14% Total

Weird that ever since I came back from Bangkok, I feel like a different person. It giveswrite about. Lol. I'm afraid I can't be like XiaXue braving all the criticisms