Bangkok with Geoff Carter. Day 1. 2013

By | December 8, 2013

Geoff Carter arrives in Bangkok for a few beers. please subscribe.


25 thoughts on “Bangkok with Geoff Carter. Day 1. 2013

  1. Oscar Arias

    Great video, that spot in front of the Nana Hotel sign is more interesting
    at night!

  2. Thai Dave

    Top video Geoff, flew with Air France a few years ago, I agree with you
    they are crap. Will stick with Etihad & Emirates. Have a good time mate.

  3. geoff carter

    might as well have been easy jet long haul, the cabin crew were no
    attentive. plastic cheap cutlery and paper cup for your tea and coffee.
    total joke ! NEVER AGAIN !

  4. geoff carter

    I know Oscar ! well I am on my way to chiang mai from Bangkok, and you are
    on your way from chiang mai to Bangkok, on about ships that pass in the
    night or what !!!! 🙁

  5. nelco69

    Hi Geoff. You are making me so jealous, i miss Thailand loads, and i could
    almost taste that Chang beer you were drinking. What is the name of the
    Hotel that you have in Nana ? is it the Nana Hotel ahahah. Or the Atlantic
    that is the one with all those patronizing rules written on boards outside
    the front door..It is just along from a Baptist Church at the end of the
    road. Glad to see you back in South East Asia mate, and cant wait for more
    adventures with Carter Take Care. Neil

  6. nelco69

    Yeah stay away from KLM also they are owned by Air France or they were the
    last time i flew to Thailand. There plains are very cramped and the meals
    are crap. Dave is right Emirates all the way

  7. geoff carter

    Hi Neil I am staying In a brand new hotel on soi 7/1 1200 baht a night with
    Agoda. I check inn. nice friendly staff and good rooms. more vids shortly.

  8. geoff carter

    Yep, wont be using them again, but for £493.00 it was a bargain. Emirates
    next time all the way !

  9. Barry rayson

    In Big Dogs by the looks of it,you lucky sod.Wish i was there.Nana has
    really livened up in the past year or two.Love the whole area including the
    arab quarter across the road.Down to Pattaya later i assume?

  10. nelco69

    Hi Geoff. £493.00 is a good price, but when you are travelling for 10 hours
    you want to be comfortable and have good food to eat with great service.

  11. 777cpt .

    I flying with Emirates next week to Bangkok geoff, £612 from LHR – DXB –
    HKG – BKK

  12. jayjay975

    glad your having a good time geoff, can’t wait till feb when i go look
    forward to more of your updates. think you will be very suprised how
    pattaya has changed if you go new hotels being built all the time. have
    great holiday m8 and enjoy yourself

  13. geoff carter

    I like Emirates the best of the lot, and believe me, its better than paying
    cheaper. I might as well flew with easy jet or ryan air. Air France, who
    are also KLM. never again !!!

  14. geoff carter

    Cheers Jay Jay, I doubt I will be going pattaya this time im heading North.
    just made another top video, so watch out for that, I will be editing it
    later when I get to chiang mai.

  15. 777cpt .

    Never flown with Air France, I have flown with KLM last year, and they
    were’nt to bad to be honest, food was pretty good & the crew were great, I
    flew with Qatar from Manchester in aspril this year, they were’nt bad
    either, hope ur having a great time, if ur in patts when i get there nxt
    week i’ll buy u a drink 😉

  16. nelco69

    KLM are marginally better than Air France. I have flown with them quite a
    few times. A few years ago they were pretty good, but after Air France
    bought them everything changed, they added more seats in cattle class and
    the food became much worse, But i guess that it depends on your perspective
    Personally i feel that they are too cramped and the food tastes like
    canteen food. Neil.

  17. 19bootsy68

    Geoff Carter…I’ve just came back from Los Angeles I flew with Air France
    and the flight attendants couldn’t be more helpful…there was 3 of us
    drinking and the female FAs when it came two alcohol…only problem was AF
    ran out of vodka…Maybe because you were flying to BKK they thought of you
    different… Though it should have nothing to do with it…you know the
    score as soon as you mention you are going to Thailand people always think
    we are seedy 😉 great show BTW.

  18. KenOfthewest

    Great to see your back in ‘LOS’. As for Air France, I totally agree, I’ve
    used them twice, flying to Mauritius and wont use them again if I have a
    choice! Anyway, love your new Vids as always and will be flying out there
    4th November! Can’t wait! Have a few beers for me mate!

  19. geoff carter

    Sure will do Ken, in fact in about 20 mins, chang dada chang chang !

  20. Barry rayson

    Went down soi 7/1 in Feb to visit a pal who was staying in the hotel up the
    corner near the bj bars,never knew it existed before ,an eye opener,glad I
    had my girlfriend with me now.never did run into my mate after that,not to
    this day ,God knows what happened to him.Bangkok claimed him I think.

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