Bangkok To Chiang Mai

By | November 21, 2013

Traveling north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on the night train. xoxo Christine.

chiang mai

24 thoughts on “Bangkok To Chiang Mai

  1. Dakota0204

    I agree! It’s best to do it because no one wants to sit around as some old
    person one day wishing they went around the world! I went to Japan a few
    years ago and instead of buying a car years back, I went to France. Best
    decisions ever. Next I want to see China and Hawaii. Watching these vlogs
    makes me kinda feel like I am there.

  2. J Chopski

    How incredibly cool – this is sooooo cool – thanks for posting -Can’t wait
    for more!

  3. howdoyoumakeup73

    This was awesome! Such an exciting adventure:)

  4. hugelawn

    Better before all that shit traffic and pollution.

  5. Dazzling Beauty by Tessa

    We’ve been there 2 years ago. It’s great to see everything again! Have fun!!

  6. Rose Lee

    I love your travel videos!! I was travelling in SE Asia 2 years ago and
    this just brings back amazing memories. <3

  7. Bayward Boondocker

    So happy we chose the sleeper train (one that provides a bed).

  8. 0123kid

    Awesome video. Just came back from Thailand a week ago and loved it. 0:30 –
    0:40 is Siam Square isn’t it? We stayed there for a couple of days awesome
    spot close to the BTS sky train. Man I miss it there.

  9. zai wirawan

    Thailand has a lot of beautiful. Natural beauty. People smiling. I love
    Thailand and Thailand is a country that I love.

  10. strummer joe

    Great video. Brought back so many happy memories….from 82 to 2007..last
    time I went there…..the noise and volume of traffic both in Bangkok and
    Chiang Mai horrendous….but the friendliness of Thai folk make up for
    it….as does the superb food and great hotels/guest houses….going back
    next year. Can’t wait….I remember the train from Bangkok to Chiang
    Mai….1st time I went was in a sleeper carriage with air con and sealed
    windows. Never again….food was pretty good ion the train though

  11. roguemale57

    Gee, thanks for the heads up about the Chang Mai train-why didn’t you go
    for a sleeper berth? The prices i’m told are negligible.

  12. Kelly Kinkade

    Love all your travel videos! My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to
    Thailand and your all videos have been so helpful. Great advice and
    entertaining to watch!

  13. David Reid

    Why did you not get a sleeper berth? It costs 500 baht and is the best way
    to travel in Thailand (Or India)Anyone reading this, get an overnight
    sleeper, fan NOT A/C, and with the lower berth so you get the window in the
    morning. You can walk around meet the locals and go and sit in the
    resteraunt for a Singha. I prefer it to flying. I loved Thai trains, but I
    hated A/C. I did like 3rd class though, as long as you find some friendly
    Thais with a bottle of sangsom to spend a few hours with.


    50 000 views for what??? what a boring video 😮

  15. Fox Mulder

    Great video I’m going to Thailand this November so thanks very helpful

  16. asiatraveller909

    been on that train many times,i love chiang mai,so nice and the mountains
    are so cool

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