Bangkok – Thailand

By | December 9, 2013

Featured Hotels in Bangkok:;label=YouTubeBangkok – Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and prim…


25 thoughts on “Bangkok – Thailand

  1. phantauva

    Would you please tell me what song that was playing on your video? It’s
    beautiful! And your video was very well put together.

  2. Alexander Foljambe

    The people in Thailand are some of the most gracious, precious people in
    the world.

  3. TommyAkirakun

    It’s breathtaking form 0.49 cuase i never seen this view before and for
    some information in bangkok tall buiding they are spread away not in the
    city center it’s lot more tall building form this video

  4. Girlszii00

    สวยมากๆ เรารักเมืองไทยค่ะ เเละในหลวงของเราค่ะ

  5. moonligh669


  6. DarkReven Sceleris

    13 People thinks that the “Dislike Button” is to Download this!!! -Silly
    People!- xD hehe… I so Love Thailand and Love going there with My Parents
    and Brothers! 😀 Seriously if No One here has ever been then You should def
    go Before it’s Awesome!!! ♥ hehehe… 😀

  7. finnyAMCH

    Land Of Smile ( Thailand ) is where i was born. i promise to go back there
    and stay for the lest of my life. Thailand is the most beautiful and
    amazing country ;))

  8. ghhhh12345

    how is it dirty?? just because your fuckin jealous and more nicer then damn
    shit country,,where you live is more dirty then thailand thailand is more
    clean,,i love ma country

  9. minorukoide

    Beautiful Photos, and thank you for accepting video response!

  10. JubrilAgoro

    Amazing Pics and Music. Traveling is one of the most exciting things that
    you can do for sure. I have been traveling the world for 3 years straight
    and bangkok was one my favorite cities for sure. Coming on up 26th bday now
    and will be in San Diego for that then off to colombia.

  11. The25jun

    The name of the hotel on the time 2:27~2:30?

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