Bangkok Street Food: Pad Thai

By | December 9, 2013

Pad thai from a cart on Khao San Road in Bangkok. Cost about video_description.75…delicious!

thai street food

25 thoughts on “Bangkok Street Food: Pad Thai

  1. NigelTMY

    I must be so stoned. But I’m listening to edIT- Ants. While watching this
    muted. Try it guys 😀

  2. nadoeloiskat

    Trust me this food is fat and carbonhydrates as the american one.. It’s
    interesting how locals are so skinny with all the streetfood around..

  3. jan8919

    You people are taking this way too serious , I’m not here trying to offend
    anybody , if you feel offended all you got to say is I feel offended and I
    want an a apology and I’ll apologize it’s not even nesessary to be bitching
    at me , I had a reason to say what I said I went to china to visit a family
    member their for 2 days and I got really sick eating food their within
    couple of hours I’m taking a trip to Thailand with some friends and I just
    dont want to go through it again

  4. mecamoon

    Watching these videos while i wait for my pizza to arrive… but id rather
    have this if i could 🙁

  5. Terra Gaia

    does it matter, after he touches the food with his hands?

  6. Ashiya Maki

    that looks YUMMY!!!!my fave thai food is their spring roll with noodles
    inside… sadly, im in italy now and that thai lady vendor is selling thai
    foods in utrecht netherlands… damn!!! i want to eat that spring rolls

  7. GrizzlyRecoveryZone1

    Nah, man… usa food fails to impress big time. Now Q some more.

  8. xXXxreeeeeeeeeemxXXx

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaam huuuuungggggggggggggrrrrrrrrry

  9. sminthian

    I want to go to Thailand some day…..just so I can walk around and eat all
    of the street food!

  10. CNDjack5

    lol this guy is just making a racket with his spatulas….. no skill

  11. klask00

    you must be a chef… can you post a video of yourself doing this or
    something better ?

  12. CNDjack5

    hahahaha as a matter of fact i have my red seal and i’m from
    Thailand…..ill say it again… this guy is just making a racket with his

  13. klask00

    upload video of you doing it correct way. not making a racket with

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