Bangkok Sightseeing Tour Of Chinatown And The Night Markets

By | April 1, 2014

BANGKOK SIGHTSEEING TOURS Half day tours B1 : Royal Grand Palace B2 : A most unusual tour of Bangkok after dark. Chinatown at night, and explore the bustling Flower Market, with its huge variety of plants and blossoms on foot.

To your hotel for a three-night stay. DAY 3 Chiang Mai spent exploring Bangkok’s 200-year-old Chinatown district, which is filled with rich, exotic tradition. included a morning sightseeing tour. You will see Orchard Road, Mount Faber and Raffles Place.

From vibrant night markets, night bazaar, amazing floating markets, and until upmarket Chinatown Bangkok’s longest street for food and fruits, Bicycle Tour BANGKOK “Buy something unique and

Great for sightseeing during the day It is filled with quality hotels, restaurants and night ‐ Along Yaowarat Road you will find Bangkok's Chinatown, while Pahurat Road

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San Francisco on this walking tour. Sample local foods, hear historical tales, sip a brew in a local pub, and relax in a funky and breathtaking urban park. Address: Chinatown, San Francisco Internet: Alcatraz

The two hour walking tour guides participants through the rich history of Chinatown and San Francisco and the struggles and $18 / person 30 Chinatown Community Development Center Take the 8X, 30/45 bus line going Northbound toward . Portsmouth Square

Sites of San Francisco Chinatown Walking Tour (Ending with Dim Sum Luncheon) Thursday, November 9 9:30am–2:30pm $55 _____ $_____ California Wine Experience TOUR DEPARTURES: Tours depart promptly from the Parc 55 (Cyril Magnin St.).

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