Bangkok Protest

By | June 28, 2014

Rejected this bill on November 11, anti-amnesty protests in Bangkok and other provinces escalated. More than 100,000 people took to the streets in what protest leaders publicly called an attempt to topple the Yingluck government and eliminate the political network of

protest carried on Weibo. Reuters was not able to independently verify the pictures’ authenticity. About 90,000 “mass inci- BANGKOK: Supporters of Thailand’s belea-guered government gathered yesterday on the outskirts of Bangkok,

Bangkok Tenofovir Study: PrEP for HIV prevention among people who inject drugs. Summary. n. Daily oral PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) with a tablet containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (tenofovir, marketed

1 Q&As: Thailand Political Developments Issued in Bangkok on 20 May 2014 _____ Q: What is the current political situation in Tha iland?

BANGKOK – A crackdown on anti-gov-ernment protesters launched by the Thai military yesterday degenerat- an Italian news photographer The leaders of the protest move-ment,

Both on the streets of Bangkok and through more The possibility that the PAD’s protest might lead to violence was cited as a concern by 65% of the brokers ‘News of the unrest has already undermined tourists’ confidence in safety.’

Bangkok giving flowers and food to soldiers as evidence sense, the promulgation of the latest constitution was not simply another amendment to organiser of a protest against a power plant concession in Prachuab Kiri Khan, won her

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Current political situation in Bangkok and about the protests that have been to governmental protests as well–well, maybe the protesters

Street. I was here in Bangkok when the Yellow Shirtsdown both airports in protest against an allegedand the citizens of Bangkok lost money and

In the fighting near the Phan Fah bridge and Rajdumnoen Road in Bangkok’s old quarter, a protest base near government buildings and the regional U.N. headquarters

Have not been disruptive protests in Bangkok in the recent months of the 2010 protests, Bangkok appeared very sympathetic

Past couple of days the protests in Bangkok gone violent have beenright to be angry. Going to Bangkok to protest was a very logical thing

Bangkok after protest : Should I cancel Chistmas plansthat – after months of paralysing protest in Bangkok – they were embarking on the “final