Bangkok Peppers

By | August 7, 2014

Chicken, Beef, Pork Shrimp or Scallops (Pad (Fried Rice) Kow Pad Thai style fried rice with egg, onions, peas & carrots Kow Pad Pong Karee Stir-fried rice with onions, green peppers, green onions, carrots,

And peppers. THAI CURRIES BANGKOK CAFÉ SPECIAL FRIED RICE: 12.95 chicken, pork and beef, homemade red sauce, mixed veggies, pineapple and grilled coconut. FRIED RICE CHICKEN, PORK OR BEEF: 9.95 choice of meat, egg

Bird peppers are from Bangkok, Thailand. pk/10 very hot and turn from green to red HP243 -10 – Thai Hot – Hot Peppers stems, green leaves, and white 85 days. Capsicum annuum. Plant SURGXFHVJRRG\LHOGVRI ôORQJ E\óZLGHKRWSHSSHUV 3HSSHUV

Atmosphere of Bangkok Restaurant. Our restaurant is BYOB, so grab a bottle of wine, a few friends, and sample some of Sauteed squid with bell peppers, white onions & hot chili sauce. * 45. Pla Merk Pahd Ped Nor-Mai

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Spinach and beurre blanc | 12 calamari fritto marinara and garlic aioli bangkok chicken jenny’s signature spicy asian chicken with • New Buffalo, MI • 269.469.1699 • kids menu available.