Bangkok – Khlong Saen Saep

By | December 8, 2013

Best viewed in full screen HD. The Saen Sap Canal is one of the major arteries draining potential flood waters safely through Bangkok and directing them to t…


12 thoughts on “Bangkok – Khlong Saen Saep

  1. NightBazaar

    Thanks for the excellent views. There are indeed flooded areas, and some
    where water is still rising, but media in the US make it sound like the
    entire city is/or about to be submerged which is frustrating for both my
    wife and I.

  2. Rosalind Smith

    I have plans to come to Bangkok in Dec., but not sure at the moment if I
    should cancel or not. It would be my first trip to bangkok. I’m also
    scheduled to visit Chiang Mai and Phuket. I’m hoping the water will go down
    by the end of Nov, so I can still come. Thailand can use tourist money to
    help the citizens, which I would love to do. We all need help.

  3. phrakanong

    @browndelta1913 You should come as per your plans. Most all of Bangkok
    itself is dry now. The flood waters in surrounding areas are beginning to
    recede. The dry-season, when the monsoons switch to blow from the northeast
    and bring us dry weather, usually has arrived by mid-November. In December
    you will encounter no flood related problems in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or

  4. Rosalind Smith

    Thank you for the information. I am watching videos that people in bangkok
    post daily, so as of now it doesn’t look to good. Plus people say different
    things. I will keep close watch on the situation as I have done daily. It
    is my hope to continue my trip as I look forward to visiting such a
    beautiful place. thanks again for the update.

  5. saleh hashem

    my heart with u thailand wish every thing is fine than 4 this great video

  6. Donaldxr

    Fortunately, most of you guys can’t smell this river. I used to live on
    this river and got used to it, but everyone else I know always talks about
    how stinky it is. 😛

  7. arsompa

    @browndelta1913 only 20% of bangkok are affected, most provinces in
    thailand r actually flood free, these include Phuket, pattaya, hua hin,
    even chaingmai is now back to normal, its the worst flood in the history
    but 80% of the country is fine

  8. NightBazaar

    @DonaldxR LOL! I don’t know if it still stinks or not, but I know it use to
    have such a reek that it could make your nose wither and drop off. That was
    around the bridge on Wittayu Road heading toward Petchaburi Road.

  9. Twistergal

    i miss the Saen Saeb Khong, i was in Thailand last summer and stayed in my
    friends apt. @ the end of Soi 49 (Soi Khong) which dead-ends to the
    khong…took the boat taxi many times to get to the west side of Bangkok

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