Bangkok Insect Street Food

By | December 3, 2013

From the BBC programme Can Eating Insects Save the World, Stefan Gates tries some of the more exotic delicacies Thailand has to offer.

thai street food

25 thoughts on “Bangkok Insect Street Food

  1. Keith Frank

    i eat them but when I poo poo they scratch my ass

  2. Hadi Zainal

    Gross.. even I’m their neighbour country also can’t eat those things..

  3. Jack Rathaphom Gumpan

    Looks terrible but tastes brilliant.

  4. MaiVue Chang-Yang

    Lol ; at least they don’t let their cats n dogs fuck them . You’re saying
    like Americans don’t kill their babies n aren’t cannibals . I hear stories
    on the news all the time about that shit .

  5. Barami Snaeha

    No for starters should rather stick with Silk Worm trust me it’s much
    easier on the eyes,I’m eating those since i was a kid it’s 100 times better
    than any potato chips! Try find one that they dipped with soy sauce and
    you’re in for a treat! And yes I’m Thai.

  6. MonakoSM

    It doesn’t matter what country you’re in we all have things others find
    taboo. Stop basing your judgements merely on assumptions. Yes people do eat
    a lot strange things but not all of them prefer it. In some countries cows
    are considered to be valuable and not meant to be eaten. Same with
    Pigs…at least they aren’t judging you. As for dead babies. I doubt that’s
    a typical thing.

  7. MonakoSM

    In fact, doing some proper research like i just did a few minutes ago only
    served to prove it’s incredibly false and the only truth there is in that
    in ancient times of some cultures around the world devouring infants

  8. Furko Turko

    I dunno were the fuck you did do yo research nigga, but your research is
    110% of BS ! Chinese are famous for eatin all kinds of animals. They sell
    all kinds of animal parts at the streets. Wanna see how they threathen
    those animals. Take a look at this shit and see than if your ”research”
    is not ”false” watch?v=yg0SMX5-H_k watch?v=82DQZyJCMow Now thats what i
    call fucking RAPE !!

  9. MonakoSM

    I’m…talking about infants…not animals. Did you even read my post?..I
    said eating BABIES isn’t something that’s accurate…

  10. miyubail

    Why some countries consume insects and innerds of animals. Were they very
    poor? They must’ve been to begin with. I don’t know but I’d prefer muscle
    meats and no insects.

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