BANGKOK GIRL — Thailand Night Life Documentary

By | November 28, 2013

One Girl’s Story Filmed in 2002 – Bangkok Girl provides a glimpse into Thailand’s notorious and booming night scene through the experiences of a 19-year-old …


15 thoughts on “BANGKOK GIRL — Thailand Night Life Documentary

  1. hs0zcw

    I watched the whole film. It has good film making skills in the visuals and
    is very expensive in time and equipment, likely done with low or no pay.
    The content is weakly developed due to being somewhat disjointed in
    developing the story of the girl. At first it is not obvious that it is
    really the story of this one girl. It skirts what it seems to want to
    expose, the sex trade, via this one girl, and except for the one
    embarrassing scene with the drunken Westerner, does not get into the cont’d

  2. hs0zcw

    into the details of making the deal, going to the hotel, and so on, which
    is the real daily life. So, the film dances politely around the edges of
    what it ostensibly wants to expose. With her good English, this is not a
    typical bar girl, and she with holds back lots from the film in the Thai
    way. Totally ignored is her and Thailand’s Buddhism and its culture which
    IS NOT WESTERN. The film does not get deeply to know her; it only gets what
    she wants to tell. In that regard it is superficial….

  3. hs0zcw

    superficial while taking the pose of thorough investigation. Living with a
    Thai woman as I do, I know her ways of showing me only what she wants to
    show, and this girl does the same. Then, as a personal story, the film
    mostly fails unless it is about how skillfully a Thai girl can control what
    she offers to the camera. cont’d.

  4. hs0zcw

    The film maker, Jordan, seems to want to be her customer but apparently
    does not hire her for sex; I wonder if he paid her for her work with him on
    camera. The film is really about Jordan and his superficial “take” on
    Thailand with a big dose of titillation overlaid. His “holier than thou”
    pose of “oh look at the pitiful little brown people” is rather naked
    cultural imperialism and embarrassing to him in both his ignorance and his
    attitude. This is a long way from realsociologicaldocumentaries.

  5. hs0zcw

    And it is not really entertaining, as if such a topic could or should be,
    but it is also not engaging enough to stay with it. The girl’s honest looks
    into the camera are the exception. I cant imagine it getting an audience
    anywhere since it is not compelling and has no “hook” to follow–no
    dramatic development which the public is trained by Nat Geo trash docs to
    have. cont’d….

  6. hs0zcw

    Of course it has errors. The largest ones are the supposition that there is
    no other work for the girl which Thailand’s low unemployment rate gives the
    lie, and Jordan’s conclusion that the thyroid problem will not be treated
    by Thai socialized medicine. I know a Thai citizen who was offered by the
    existing system free heart surgery. Overall, this is Jordan playing around
    with a topic much more complex than he gets near to showing, to being more
    than a little exploitive of the girl (another ..

  7. hs0zcw

    girl (another foreigner using her, one could conclude), and making a very
    skillful filmic execution of a poorly handled subject. Thankfully, it is
    boring and will not pollute public opinion of Thailand because no one will
    see it. P.S., I wonder how he got such clean sound in natural surroundings
    and about the Thai police coming to get his equipment. I did not like the

  8. hs0zcw

    hs0zcw’s review is posted in reverse order; read from lower on page to top.
    I am a Ph.D in cinema from NYU, teacher of film at universities for over 30
    years, including in Thailand, and a struggling documentarian (see “Tibetans
    Seek Buddhist Freedom” YouTube).

  9. tomsanone

    I believe she most likely committed suicide. The balcony scene showed she
    was thinking of it. It is a shame because this doc would of – I hope
    anyways – given her finical help to greatly improve her situation. But she
    is just another tragic loss among the millions that happen every year. A
    beautiful life cut short far too soon. I would like to thank the creator
    of this doc for sharing her with us but also I want to blame him for not
    helping and doing more for her. afterwards I cried off and on for the rest
    of the day. I am sure we all died a little inside. 

  10. David Gibson

    This guy’s nauseating self-righteous voice totally turns my stomach. It’s
    obvious that he doesn’t have the faintest clue about Thailand or its
    culture – he has arrived with a bunch of Western preconceptions and made a
    documentary to support those preconceptions. The result is complete shit.

    He isn’t even aware of the most obvious facts – 96% of the sex trade in
    Thailand is Thais with Thais – and it has been going on since time
    immemorial. The money isn’t going to any Mafia – most Thai women will do a
    bit on the side if the price is right. Marriage is a business transaction
    here – every time. The police are taking bribes – but not to ignore
    prostitution (they do that for free!) The women aren’t innocent victims –
    countless men have been left destitute by these ‘cherubs’. Most of these
    men were dumb enough to think they had found ‘true love’ – and were willing
    to invest their life savings in it.

    Never believe anything a Thai woman tells you – ever! The girl’s name
    ‘Pla’ means ‘fish’ but she is reeling this guy in. Pity is such a a good
    bait. More likely than not she is still very much alive and going like a

    I’ve lived with Thais in rural Thailand for a decade; speak their language
    and understand their culture. I know. I’ve seen it all – too many times!

  11. Nok Moho

    What a disgrace of a documentary! Shame on you filmmaker coming of as a
    western besserwisser! Thinking you can throw your “superior” morals and
    ethics around!

  12. crazywaffleking

    If brothels were legal where I live there wouldn’t be need to go there.

  13. Sam Haslam

    Jordan is just a creepy man with a camera and too many questions.

    I’m sure Pla (and most other young Thai women in her position) would rather
    turn a trick than have to put up with his sanctimonious, melancholic,
    intrusive questioning, being whispered from behind a camera lens.

    What’s more, it’s a rudderless documentary that doesn’t really know what
    it’s trying to communicate. He’s obviously written, filmed, edited it all
    himself, without the input of anyone else. It shows. It says more about him
    than what (what??) he was documenting. Don’t bother wasting 40 minutes of
    your life on it.

  14. Citizen1Daz

    Thailand – the capital of sad pathetic rapey blokes who can’t make it back
    in their own countries. FACT.

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