Bangkok Flood

By | October 25, 2014

THAILAND FLOODS 2011 THE NEED FOR HOLISTIC FLOOD RISK MANAGEMENT In 2011, Thailand is facing one of the biggest flood events of this century.

Thailand Economic Update Supavud Saicheua Thanomsri Fongarunrung Emerging Asia Economist (2012-3) Thailand’s flood strategy Bangkok Source: KrungThep Turakit newspaper, 27 Feb 12 Source: Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management,

To watch out for flash flood from water runoff from the forests. The MoPH flood war room will update with provincial war rooms on preparedness and responses with regard to medical Bangkok in anticipation of future needs. Emergency contacts:

•Bangkok Property Update 6.2%), due to a very high base of the 2012 figure, post the flood crisis. The economy also experienced weak exports during the second half of 2013.

Bangkok, Chulalongkorn, 4-5 Oct 2007. FLOODS ARE GOOD. To prevent or reduce the risks from flood disasters, (Weekly update) Map of Flood Priority Index . Demographical setting and flood based livelihood systems . Historically,

Secretariat of the EOC gathered information from the concerned agencies for daily update 1. there are 8 recent flooded provinces: 1.1.1 Upper Thailand: There are 8 provinces affected by flood. Central: Ang Thong, Phra Nakhon Bangkok and nearby provinces such as Pathumthani and