Bangkok Electronica

By | May 23, 2014

Thailand – Bangkok Phone: +66-2-955-0500 Fax: +66-2-955-0505 Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Phone: +84-8-930-5546 Fax: +84-8-930-3443 Europe / Electronica tradeshow information: Title: TE News_11_10.qxd:GAN 09_05_final.qxd

Bangkok, May 23-27, 2012 www.worldoffoodasia,com SPOGA + GAFA The Garden Trade Fair Cologne, Sept 02-04, 2012 Electronica Basel, Switzerland, April 13 – 22, 2012 International Trade Fair Electronic

A venue so chic, it even welcomed electronica music guru Claude Challe to spin his tunesunique property should you be bound for Bangkok anytime soon. I know I'd be sure to stay there

electrónica. / Mark Baker, owner and New York über-club empresario, proclaims that “Russians, —una calle del barrio chino de Bangkok— con sutiles toques de anís. Después de la cena, unos sorbos de sooksan, bebida a base de vino de

Made of,” Dae Sung added. —– Bigbang’s ‘Global Warning Tour Live in Bangkok 2008′ is on June 7 at Indoor Stadium, Hua Mark. Tickets cost 2,000, 1

Penonton yang rata-rata belum familiar dengan aksi seni jenis begitu. Kemudian menyusul kongegrasi Electronica asal Bangkok, Thailand, yang menyebut dirinya Stylish Nonsense. Duh, sungguh nonsens jika berani

I interviewed sound designer Norrasak Ramasute, aka Kraffa, who recently released his first album of ambient electronica, for the Bangkok Post. Read the article online here

Camera captures of a road trip from Bangkok to northeastern Thailand, accompanied at times by pulpy-sounding electronica beats. A contentious topic for

That I had forgotten to google Bangkok. — Hunched over in my cubicle, with headphones blasting electronica in my ears, I almost missed

A bit dull. And Arnold’s insistence of falling back on repetitive techno-esque electronica to back the action sequences instead of Barry-esque brass and percussion is

Working in a music shop in Bangkok, and be became a DJ in mid-2004. TwoLatin, ska, disco, retro grooves, house, electronica, break beats and lots more

, my computations proved that a weekend in Bangkok is much cheaper than three nights in Boracay. I tried

Some great cable on my room on the 12th floor at the Metropole Hotel. Back in Bangkok. I thought I had arrived in an entirely new city, unrecognizable

Transmorphed into electronica, indie, and hiphop until I out for a night in Bangkok (usually too beat at the end centre in Bangkok is so opulent that even