By | November 29, 2013

To bring the trilogy to an end, RiSCyD and Prefect found a sweet launching pad on a roof in the middle of Bangkok City. Big skyscrapers, breathtaking proximi…


25 thoughts on “BANGKOK CityJam

  1. Odracir Quevedo

    Wow, look at this awesome video of a small, unmanned “video camera plane”
    fly around the buildings and over traffic in downtown Bangkok

  2. Ade Oshineye

    Drone + GoPro + first-person perspective goggles = future shock

    I didn’t get to try these out but I’m awed by what’s now possible on a
    consumer budget. They have a(n incredibly geeky and jargon-filled) shop: where $2k gets you a complete rig.

    The future shock comes from the realisation that people who are worrying
    about police forces and drones are behind the curve. +Daniel Suarez’s new
    book raises interesting questions about drones in the future but FPV is
    going to be bigger since it’s more accessible and needs less infrastructure.

    In short, William Gibson was right. The future is already here but it’s not
    always where you’re looking.


  3. Dominik Helleberg

    Team Blacksheep just rocks the FPV-RC league…
    BANGKOK CityJam!

  4. Mat Brown

    What happens when you put a camera on an RC plane and pipe it’s output into
    video goggles being worn by the pilot? This does and it’s awesome. WANT.
    Buy here:

  5. J.R. Parnell

    This is pretty sweet, like a cross between Spiderman and the floating
    monitor from Halo.

  6. Matt Lai

    *Bangkok CityJam*
    *A bird’s-eye view of Bangkok, Thailand.*

    Stunning… ;)

  7. mixer8219

    Wowwwww this is Cool!!!! Bangkok bird eyes view….

  8. Andrew Winner

    01:59 I always done that in Saint Row The Third…(PS3 Game) never tryed in
    real life, cool

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