Bangkok City 2013

By | December 6, 2013

Bangkok City Of Angels 2013 This is an ultra high definition resolution video to represent about Bangkok, Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand, The center o…


21 thoughts on “Bangkok City 2013

  1. chanvitto

    How??? Bangkok just win the world best destination by “MasterCard Global
    Destination Cities Index 2013”. Our competitors : #2:London,#3:Paris !! We
    are beating the World-class city not you.

  2. Alberto Moreau

    The pictures are amazing but I was expecting a video

  3. Jenny L

    I have been to Bangkok, the most beautiful is the passion of the “people”~

  4. Ian Jackson

    Bangkok, Thailand, one of my personal favourite cities in Asia!

  5. Chul Chang

    Some great shots in there. Thanks for posting this. The pictures give me
    fresh ideas.

  6. Khiem Tran

    Hope Saigon – Vietnam would be more beautiful in the future. Look at
    Bangkok, it’s absolutely nice and fantastic.

  7. Blind Alley

    ถ้าจะปรับปรุงมีเรื่องเดียวเรื่องความสะอาด ยกตัอย่างเช่นน้ำในคลองนี่สกปรกมาก

  8. Kanokwan Poomprasat

    Bangkok at night is so beautiful. The pictures are just amazing though!

  9. รุ่งชัย เพียรเสร็จ

    เสียอย่างเดียว คือ ขยะ ทั้งบนบก เเละในน้ำ ทำให้น้ำเน่าเสีย

  10. Magurrite Talesrunner

    สวยเนอะ กรี๊ดดดดด

  11. Robson Sobral

    very nice and beautiful place!! Whats the music theme?

  12. Suteera Kaopong

    Bangkok BKK is a very modern city. We like Bangkok very much. And we like
    your video very much. 

  13. Aphichon Vongburee

    I will stop Bangkok tonight.
    Serve my darling for watching the world’s best travel city.

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