Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market

By | November 28, 2013 World’s largest outdoor market, with nearly 10000 booths, in Bangkok, Thailand, is a great place to shop and meet some friendly local …


23 thoughts on “Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market

  1. Jhoel Gogola

    I’ve been there!, I wish i have a change to go back in Thailand. one of
    best place i never forget.

  2. NightBazaar

    Dennis, excellent video of the market. Been there many, many times over the
    last few decades. You’re absolutely right, it’s an enormous place where you
    can buy just about anything under the sun. And you’re also right that it
    can be brutally hot and humid. It’s a great spot for people watching and
    socializing with friends.

  3. Czarina Uy

    good job! you gave me ideas about chatuchak. I’m going there this
    September. Keep it up! i hope there will be more videos to come ^_^

  4. Husna Nayan

    i’m going to Bangkok next week! this vid is quite informative + awesome! thx

  5. Asoke 21

    You should also do a tour of Ban moh (in China town) if you haven´t done
    one yet. Normally people selling stuff at MBK buy their stuff (electronics)
    from Ban moh. And walking in the shops next to the bridge is awsome (Live
    in BKK for over 2 years and not seen it all yet) 🙂 good vid.

  6. moewishaw

    great video!! it’s not just on saturday btw. its sat and sunday.

  7. moewishaw

    am i right in saying most of the stuff is imported from china?

  8. moewishaw

    why would you do that? thats just encouraging then to charge other tourists
    high prices. give them what it says on the meter. nothing more.

  9. KentEssex

    Yes, it does I admitted. I did not encourage cheating I just suggest easier
    way to travel for foreigners. Even locals they have problems with taxis,
    there are some taxis are ready to rip you off. I only tell a solution for
    important or unavoidable trip without frustrated with the driver e.g. Air
    port or heavy rain and flood. If you have more time go for public
    transportation. I just want people happy to travel in Thailand nothing more.

  10. azpete1000

    When I was there in the late 60s they sold tigers, bears and all kinds of
    exotic animals. We bought a Malaysian sun bear for out signal site in

  11. akumabito2008

    This is an excellent video. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Larinia Kurbah

    Is it open only on weekends ???? Is there any similar markets that opens on
    weekdays too ????

  13. denniscallan

    That’s why it is called the Weekend Market. There is no other market like
    it in Bangkok.

  14. waytugo

    Go to the JJ Mall which is only a block away from Chatuchak and has
    everything Chatuchak has but is cheaper, air conditioned and open EVERY day!

  15. waytugo

    Be careful when taking photos – especially at Chatuchak – a lot of stall
    holders don’t like it and there are signs up asking you not to take photos
    ESPECIALLY in the Pet section!

  16. waytugo

    Watch out for pick pockets at Chatuchak (and the JJ Mall). I was pick
    pocketed near the JJ Mall – luckily I felt my wallet being lifted and
    grabbed the hand that was doing it and called for the police! The owner of
    the hand (a Fillipino) protested her innocence but mysteriously seconds
    later my wallet reappeared back in my pocket! I learnt my lesson I don’t
    take a wallet or a passport any time I go out in Thailand. I leave them in
    the room safe back at the hotel!

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