Bangkok 2013. – Sukhumvit Road, Nana Plaza.

By | December 2, 2013


24 thoughts on “Bangkok 2013. – Sukhumvit Road, Nana Plaza.

  1. peterpattaya68

    Mr pastor what type of camera did you use

  2. Pastor1Chon

    In Bangkok I used the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ31.

  3. TheG352004

    I love Nana Street`s I was there from 5 month ago I spend new years 🙂

  4. MonsoonPhilly

    Wow. Crystal clear video. Provocative. Mind candy. Tight steady shots
    again and again. Doesn’t get better. Thank you.

  5. Radio 419 MegaHertz

    thank you for uploading – more please


    56 seconds, that’s a sad picture. 🙁

  7. PiratesPirate1

    Disneyland for men. There is no place like it. I for one am happy it exists.

  8. Roxx1964

    It may be Disneyland for you and for thousands of other men but, what about
    the little beggar child at 0:55? Wouldn’t you want to hold her in your arms
    and take her home with you? She could be your child! I know that there must
    be a lot of orphans or very poor kids but it seems nobody cares.It hurts me
    so much and it hurts me more ’cause I don’t know what to do for them.
    Sending some money to Unicef is not a great comfort .

  9. Roxx1964

    Your reply, written in a fit of rage, is as unpleasant as useless. Nobody
    asked you to act like a Sister of Mercy but, sometimes, kindness and a
    little compassion can be a great help. Children don’t deserve neither your
    anger nor your hate.

  10. Roxx1964

    I meant 12:00 A.M. Lunch time for you and dinner time for me?

  11. Roxx1964

    Why not? I’d be a hell of a wife ,be sure!You wouldn’t feel sooo good with
    me next to you nor have time to say lot of laugh!

  12. yeung raymond

    Well done thanks for sharing. I went to bkk many times before, miss bkk so
    much !! good job my friend. : )

  13. automatikwagen

    bangkok’s dynamic economy was made by chinese

  14. suwei yanying

    Many Ragamuffin in Thailand from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar now the
    government find a solution.

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