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Thai Bronze Rain Drum – Item No235

Beautiful Asian Bronze Frog Rain Drum – FREE Shipping The raindrum measures approximately 60cm dia. wide x 45cm high (24″ dia. wide x 18.5″ high), and weighs 37kgs(84lbs). Shipping: FREE Worldwide Shipping (to many countries) This item is shipped by FedEx, deliveries worldwide within 7-10 days. PLEASE NOTE: Any taxes or charges levied within the… Read More »

Bronze Rain Drums

Check Out Our Prices They All Include “FREE SHIPPING”!!……….Don’t Forget You Can Always Make A “BEST OFFER”!!……….Check Out Our Prices They All Include “FREE SHIPPING”!!……….Don’t Forget You Can Always Make A “BEST OFFER”!!……….Check Out Our Prices They All Include “FREE SHIPPING”!! The extensive range of Asian bronze rain drums we supply are all made to… Read More »

Travel to Chiang Mai from Bangkok

If you intend to travel to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, we offer the following information. As Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai has a full range of transport connections to Bangkok, Phuket and also internationally. The Chiang Mai International Airport has direct flights to Bangkok (with ongoing connections Worldwide), Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan along with services to several other Thai city destinations.It is a modern airport… Read More »

The Most Amazing Things the World Offers!

Most Amazing Things Chiang Mai Has To Offer That You Won’t See Anywhere Else In The World….With lush mountains and dotted with temples of cultural importance, Chiang Mai is the best hub for exploring northern Thailand. If you are planning a trip to Chiang Mai but unsure of what there is to do there, I’ve… Read More »

Cool Travel Tips For Everyone

Cool Travel Tips For Everyone….Travel truly does serve as a gateway to the world and its cultures. Understanding the best techniques for maximizing your travel experience can prove extremely valuable on your next trip and all subsequent journeys. The article that follows offers a number of useful tips intended to help you make the most… Read More »

Planning Your Holidays in Thailand

Planning Your Holidays in Thailand….Holidays in Thailand can be customized to fit virtually the budgets and personal tastes of any traveler. Because tourism is such a vital part of the Thai economy (it accounts for a larger percentage of Thailand’s GDP than that of any other Asian nation). Almost all parts of the country are… Read More »