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By | June 14, 2013

Dear Visit-Chiang-Mai-online:

I found your blog online and I’d like to introduce our picture library to discuss possible ways of establishing a working relationship with you – primarily by publishing our articles on your site.

CPA Media is a British photography and publishing company, based in Chiang
Mai, Thailand. On 1 June we launched a new website:

It is an online image library specializing in Asian culture, history, art and politics aimed at serving international publishers and media. At present we only have around 10 percent of our stock online, but we believe it is already the most extensive digital image library focusing on Asian history and culture.

We offer ‘THEMES’ which can be deployed for media and publishing purposes. Examples include: ‘The Silk Road’, ‘Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Invaders’, ‘Tibetan Buddhism’, ‘Women in Asian and African History’, ‘Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge’, as well as many photo shoots covering Asian
festivals and historical sites.

We also have hundreds of other articles you may be interested in (Asian history, culture, travel and tourism) which can be found on:

In the meantime, I have a blog item I would like to send you: the bizarre Phuket vegetarian festival that begins on Sept 27. We would be delighted if you would place it on your blog. All we ask is that you carrythe live links to our website.

Please let me know if any or all of this is beneficial to you.

Best regards,

Colin Hinshelwood
Managing Editor

Pictures From History is an accredited member of BAPLA (British
Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies). (accredited member of BAPLA)

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