Around the World – Bangkok Day 1

By | November 28, 2013

Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady travel a grueling 33+ hours from Columbus, Ohio to Bangkok, Thailand to start filming their first Around the World Prank video. T…


23 thoughts on “Around the World – Bangkok Day 1

  1. killerorhanHCOH

    50% of time they spend in japanese toiletts hahaha

  2. mhdchannel

    You should take Vitaly with you when do another Around the World trip. You
    three will be hilarious..

  3. David DS

    The girl at the end she said “Wat Phra Greaw” it’s a beautiful temple in

  4. reyo

    I was 100% sure that there is gonna be an idiot who will say that.

  5. Waldemar Palomo

    Awesome guys i love Europe like England or Spain. Italy & France

  6. Jimmy Garcia

    Kano the girl behind them on the plane making faces hahahahaha

  7. Michael Carranza

    Guys, I finished watching all your videos! Fucking addictive!

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