Annies Massage Bangkok

By | November 27, 2013

Annies Massage Parlor in Bangkok – HD Soi 2 – Famous since many years in Bangkok Address: Sukhumvit Soi 2 (raja complex), Nana, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, Thailand…


22 thoughts on “Annies Massage Bangkok

  1. bronson sinaga

    fuck me girl i wanna lick u”r ass…….hmmmmmmmmm

  2. sensei x

    chubby very sexy..all thai girls very slim but less chubby..

  3. SuperUFB

    So easy for you to say that from behind your computer screen…

  4. namgunner

    I just love all the signs as you go it, pretty hard to get lost between the
    front door and the fishbowl. 🙂 Lot of chubby girls though, although the
    managerette in front of the fish bowl was looking good.

  5. RTORC78

    This is so weird get a fucking life and pull a girl for free

  6. SanukSanuk118

    a few girls so plump and fat ?…mmmmmmmmcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeee !

  7. keithlamontbraggs

    They charge more for the younger ladies but i’ll choose the older more
    experianced ones over the young ones any day.

  8. Chris Salamander

    I got a soapy there. Didn’t really like it. The room was too small. The wet
    mattress was only about 6 ft long, so if you’re tall, you’ll be very
    uncomfortable. The girl I had was cute, but not very good at massages or
    sex either. You do get two shots or 90 minutes, whichever cums first 🙂
    Still, it wasn’t worth the 2500 baht, and there’s no bargaining on the

  9. tommy vasquez

    im angry SuperUFB because i just caught aids off a gay thai man women with
    huge tits and a massive cock it picked me up in the club and did the old
    wait untill your back in the hotel and rape you with its 10 inch fake asian
    cock that it bought with your money that you paid for there stupid lies lol
    stay away from there mannn serious multicultrualism should have its limits
    enjoy other cultures but dont push boundarys and when you see thailand
    today it doesnt take a genous to turn around and say tommy your correct!

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