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By | September 22, 2013
Over the last 10 years, Thailand has become of the most loved travel destinations that spellbinds tourists from (every corner of the world,every corner of the globe,far off places}. The country is blessed with so many beautiful locations and offers its guests an amazing array/assortment of travel experience that they’ll never forget.

Over the couple of years, Thailand has emerged as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Year after year the number of visitors to this fantastic country has increased and millions of tourists from across the world visit this amazing beauty where the mysterious East meets the highly developed West. Why do people love to visit Thailand?. Perhaps the main reason is its culture as it is a land of contrasting characters ranging from beautiful mountain ranges in the north down to wonderful sun drenched tropical beaches in the south?.
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New Amway Thailand Headquarters Presentation – YouTube
New Amway Thailand Headquarters Presentation 6:19 Amway Diamonds by Alberto Sanz 187,865 views; 51:09 Amway Thailand Crown Patrick Joe Speech In Malaysia Day 1 by leo1300177 23,847 views; 10:21 Amway Thailand Episode 3 by takatoxp 26,472 views;

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Ultimate MLM Resource Center – Amway Founders Double Diamond
Braveberry is a line of sponsorship within the Amway business. It launched in 2008. Braveberry was started by Founders Double Diamonds Patrick and Joyce Joe of Thailand.

Amway – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Amway (short for American Way) is an American multinational direct-selling company using multi-level marketing techniques, that sells a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care markets.