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By | July 27, 2013

There’s a dizzying selection of accommodation choices & types available both in & around Chiang Mai, ranging from homestays, self-catering & budget right up to luxury boutique hotels, resorts & 5* luxury hotels the choice really is yours !.


There’s an old traveller’s saying that “the best places are always the hardest to reach”, and that is certainly the case with most of the homestay’s located around Chiang Mai, Thailand. The whole meaning of “Homestay” in Thailand is getting involved in the grassroots culture of Thai life,this can typically mean watching & helping in the production of basically anything from rice & vegetables through to a wide range of handicrafts such as wood carving, making clothes & handmade silver jewelry.

Quite a lot of the homestay’s in this area are run by various groups of different village Hill Tribes people,as the name suggests they typically live up in the hills located around Chiang Mai as well as further afield in both Mae Hong Son to the north-west & Chiang Rai to the north-east.

The journey up to the homestay’s can often be quite arduous,but the reward for this is a unique perspective of how a life less cluttered & structured can be !!.

As an approximate guide the closest homestays are located between 2-3 hours drive from Chiang Mai, the number of days that you stay in the villages is really up to you,they are very flexible.

Prices typically range from 500Baht/day upwards.

Please click the link for Homestay to see a selection of homestay options.

Self-Catering Accommodation:

There is a growing demand for self-catering homes in and around the Chiang Mai area, the availability of such places is increasing all the time, we have attached details of just a few of the different options, prices range from 1,000 Baht/day up to over 2,000 Baht/day, depending on location & number of bedrooms.

Bed and Breakfast & Guesthouse:

There’s a great choice of bed and breakfast & guesthouses available all around the Chiang Mai area,daily charges typically start around 500 Baht/day all the way up to 2,000 Baht/day. As always the location,quality & service reflects in the price.

Please click the link for Bed & Breakfast/Guesthouses to see the very best deals available in Chiang Mai.

“On a Budget Rooms”:

There’s plenty of budget places available around Chiang Mai including Youth Hostels,apartments & a host of 3* hotels. Prices start from around 350 Baht/day right up 1,500 Baht/day, many of these budget hotels are located around the old city centre, so are ideal for exploring the city either on foot or by Songthaew (red pick-up).

We have recently joined forces with who offer the largest hotel affiliate programme within Thailand, and so we can now offer some of the very best deals available to help save you money on your stay in Chiang Mai.

Please click the link for Budget Hotels to see the very best deals available in Chiang Mai.

Standard & Boutique Hotels:
Chiang Mai can now proudly boast that it has accommodation to suit every pocket, one of the areas that it has a particularly strong prescence in is the standard hotels, but there are also an ever increasing number of boutique hotels, that are catering for the guests that like a little extra pampering. Prices range from 500thb/night right up to 3,000thb/night depending upon facilities, location etc.

Please click the link for Standard & Boutique Hotels to see the very best deals available in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Spas: The city of Chiang Mai is earning a growing reputation as a destination for Spa Visitors ,whether it is just a really relaxing time at a day spa, or a longer stay at one of the spa resorts, Chiang Mai has something to suit all needs & pockets !.

Luxury Hotels & Boutique Resorts:

The luxury and boutique end of the market has really exploded over the last few years to a point whereby Chiang Mai is now blessed with no fewer than 15 luxury 5* hotels & over 50 boutique hotels & resorts.

Prices range from 5,000 Baht/day up to 20,000 Baht/day for a 5* hotel & from 1,500 Baht/day upwards for the resort accommodation.

Please click the link for Luxury Hotels & Boutique Resorts to see the very best deals available in Chiang Mai.




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