[A.M. Walk @ Phuket,Thailand] Jungceylon Mall to Bangla Rd/Pt 2

By | December 8, 2013

The most famous strip of road in Phuket is Bangla Road, which is located in the heart of Patong. This stretch or road is home to many bars, nightclubs, pubs,…

phuket bars

13 thoughts on “[A.M. Walk @ Phuket,Thailand] Jungceylon Mall to Bangla Rd/Pt 2

  1. Mr7vwf8nzi

    Bro this is really good quality! What cam did you use??

  2. stercraze06

    I just used a fairly cheap Samsung HD camcorder,,,,nothing special.

  3. Erik Lund

    Thanks for sharing. i Just been at bangla road 1 week ago. Dammm i miss
    thailand so much ;( But i come back soon i hope :):):) Thailand best place
    on earth 🙂

  4. stercraze06

    Nice to hear that you had a great time. Thanks for watching!

  5. Tom Darke

    Best shot of Phuket I’v seen yet, I realy thought I was back there walking
    down Bangala road and onto the beach. You realy had my heart thumping and
    wanting to be back there.

  6. stercraze06

    Hey, it sounds like you have some really great memories of Phuket. Glad you
    enjoyed the video.

  7. redtail97

    bangla road is crazy at night and i mean crazy but the whole of phuket is
    great ,,, fond memories hoped to be back soon

  8. redtail97

    and as to being harrassed ,, the worst i think is ,, would you like a new
    suit by the indian guys

  9. stercraze06

    I can’t even begin to count how many times I was harassed by the same guys
    to buy a suit lol. Phuket was a nice experience for what it was but I don’t
    think I’ll ever go back to Patong Beach. I need a more relaxing
    environment….if you know what I mean.

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