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  • Thai Bronze Rain Drum – Item No235
    Beautiful Asian Bronze Frog Rain Drum – FREE Shipping The raindrum measures approximately 60cm dia. wide x 45cm high (24″ dia. wide x 18.5″ high), and weighs 37kgs(84lbs). Shipping: FREE Worldwide Shipping (to many countries) This item is shipped by FedEx, deliveries worldwide within 7-10 days. PLEASE NOTE: Any taxes or charges levied within the destination country are NOT included within the selling price, and are therefore the responsibility of the buyer. Price: $1,999.00 Please make payment using our Payment or Best Offer Page our US bank details are at the bottom of that page. This stunning reproduction Thai bronze rain drum is made of cast Bronze, by the centuries old method of “lost wax” technique, and has intricate details carved all around both the body & top. The top also contains 4x raised frog shapes, just perfect to add a glass table top to, or just use the rain drum as a garden feature. These bronze rain drums are also called “frog” and “kha” drums, and the purpose behind their creation appears to be related to the idea of fertility. The drums are always decorated with frogs, symbols of water and rain, on the perimeter of the top (tympanum). Other decorations are included in concentric rings on the tympanum where a star pattern is found at the center. The designs range from zoomorphic to geometric motifs, but all are interpretable as fertility symbols, and the booming of the drum, whether set on the ground or suspended by its handles is likened to the roar of distant thunder or the bellow of a bullfrog, harbingers of rain. The bands incorporating short parallel lines are said to represent rice stalks; the single or double strands of interlaced undulating lines formed into ovals are rice grains; the concentric circle motifs are snails; the lozenges are paddy fields; and the central star is ...
  • Bronze Rain Drums
    Check Out Our Prices They All Include “FREE SHIPPING”!!……….Don’t Forget You Can Always Make A “BEST OFFER”!!……….Check Out Our Prices They All Include “FREE SHIPPING”!!……….Don’t Forget You Can Always Make A “BEST OFFER”!!……….Check Out Our Prices They All Include “FREE SHIPPING”!! The extensive range of Asian bronze rain drums we supply are all made to this exacting standard. Each piece within our range is made individually by our Thai master artisans. The craftsmanship involved creates slight variations in color, finish, size, and shape – a quality we consider to be an added touch of uniqueness with no two items ever being exactly the same!. The remarkable detail of our bronze sculptures is due to meticulous and labor-intensive care by Thai craftsmen to produce these unique sculptures of exquisite detail and timeless durability. Buffing, polishing, and patonising give each piece its final green-grey verdigris or bronze lustre. They are now supplied all around the world, and are typically used as either unique garden features, or as a base for the ultimate in glass topped coffee tables within the home, utilising the frog embellishments that are an integral part of the Asian Bronze Rain Drum construction. Item No: 300 Description: Bronze Frog Rain Drum Price: $399 Please make payment using our Payment or Best Offer Page our US bank details are at the bottom of that page. Shipping: FREE Shipping (to many countries) This stunning reproduction Thai bronze rain drum is made of cast Bronze, by the centuries old method of “lost wax” technique, and has intricate details carved all around both the body & top. The top also contains 4x raised frog shapes, just perfect to add a glass table top to, or just use the rain drum as a garden feature. The drum measures approximately 20cm dia. wide x 21.5cm high (8″ dia. wide x 8.5″ high), and weighs 10kgs(22.5lbs). This item is shipped by Thailand Post, deliveries ...
  • Travel to Chiang Mai from Bangkok
    If you intend to travel to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, we offer the following information. As Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai has a full range of transport connections to Bangkok, Phuket and also internationally. The Chiang Mai International Airport has direct flights to Bangkok (with ongoing connections Worldwide), Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan along with services to several other Thai city destinations.It is a modern airport with speedy check-ins, with both electronic & paper plane tickets, good information systems & a range of ATM Machines located throughout. Whichever direction you arrive in Thailand, from let World Travel Options help feed your travel bug and find inspiration for your next vacation. You can book accommodation, flights, tours and more. By rail the city has direct connections to Bangkok, and by road its an easy, but long journey, by Route 1. By Air: The fastest & most popular way is by flight from either Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport. If you intend to travel between the two airports, add an extra hour to your plans as the journey can involve very heavy traffic. Thai Airways & Bangkok Airways operate from Suvarnabhumi, most of the cheaper discount airlines such as Nok Air, One-two-Go & Air Asia fly from Don Muang. Between the five airlines there are around 25-30 flights per day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You should be able to buy a flight ticket for around 1,500 Baht each way & flying time between Bangkok & Chiang Mai is approximately 1 hour. Please click here for useful tips for Car Rental & Motorbike Rental in Chiang Mai  By Bus: There is a good choice of buses leaving from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, at Mo Chit. The bus station is quite close (10 minutes by taxi) from the Mo Chit Skytrain station. VIP buses cost around 450 Baht and these have plenty of legroom, and are air conditioned with fully reclining seats. The journey time is approximately 10 hours. There are also First Class air conditioned buses and ...
  • The Most Amazing Things the World Offers!
    Most Amazing Things Chiang Mai Has To Offer That You Won’t See Anywhere Else In The World….With lush mountains and dotted with temples of cultural importance, Chiang Mai is the best hub for exploring northern Thailand. If you are planning a trip to Chiang Mai but unsure of what there is to do there, I’ve got you covered. I have visited this beautiful city on a few occasions. I fell in love with the gorgeous place so much that it was a must to return with a friend to live there for 8 months while working online. We are constantly amazed by how many things there are to do in Chiang Mai. I have put together a list of things to do that isn’t offered anywhere else in the world other than Chiang Mai. Hopefully, this will help plan the perfect trip a bit easier! Swim In The Old Quarry lake While in exploring the fourth biggest city in Thailand it is a must to stop at the old quarry lake. There is no better feeling than the one you get when swimming at Huay Teung Thao Lake. This picture-perfect lake is situated around 12 kilometers of the city center at the base of Doi Suthep mountain. This is the perfect spot to take a refreshing swim or have a swing in a hammock. If your stomach is growling of hunger, there are also restaurants nearby which have the most delicious food. I enjoy ordering my food as a takeaway and eat at a stilted hut on the water in the shade. As you drive about thirty-minutes south-west of the old city, the view becomes a little less attractive. However, you can still admire the quarry which has quite a striking body of water with steep quarried sides. This is one of my favorite spots to take ...
  • Where Are The Best Noodles In Chiang Mai?
    Cooking Chiang Mai by NathaN FoNg DriveN out oF BaNgkok By FlooDs, NathaN Discovers thailaND’s BeautiFul North. 30 the signature monuments of Chiang Mai, the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. At the summit, Chiang Mai 8 Devils Delight 12 Street Eats 16 who can’t quite get the hang of noodles or grilled fish The actual cost of what goes into the cup is minimal but maybe it’s time that proprietors of Chiang Mai’s coffee shops realised that the best way to keep ahead in a flooded market Mai lunch stand or a sumptuous banquet in one of Bangkok’s best restaurants. nORTHeRn & nORTHeAST THAILAnd (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai) northern Thailand has four seasons. to try some delicious kao soi noodles. After a farewell meal with your group and tour leader, Thai Cooking Thai vegetables at the Sompet market in Chiang Mai One of the best parts of traveling is sampling the local cuisine. In the case of Returning for the nth time, this five-point planner will help in planning the best Thai experiences and creating an itinerary. YOUR OWN PRIVATE THAILAND The festival of Thai Songkran, From the historical temples of Chiang Mai to the beaches along the Gulf of Thailand, there is Bangkok to Chiang Mai Multi-Active Duration: 7 days / 6 nights Start the famous northern Thai style noodles khao soy. This afternoon visit the mountain temple of Doi Suthep. Later We’ve surveyed the best routes with great food stops, a nice blend of soft adventure and Lanna Dirty Noodles Chicken, Beef or Veggie 8.95 Shrimp 9.95 Drunken Noodles Chicken, Beef or Veggie 8.95 Shrimp 9.95 Combination Seafood Chiang Mai Veggie Dip Northern Thai traditional recipe of ground pork, cherry tomato, red onion, garlic, ...
  • Zyxel Thailand
    Kamphaeng Phet Hospital, Thailand ZyXEL Health Care Solution Revolutionizes IT System Success Story Challenges The registration system of Kamphaeng LlJàuuÎdâÔlllfÎuùnu Smart WiFi Game Console – Smat W auäãuõul 00% ubunemsñulõuthnšuäuñn ZyXEL IJs:tnn Powerline Adapter Îunsn1ËlTLianunsnÏËmu1ì Table of Contents Challenges that may Drain Your IT Resource Which ZyXEL Product is Right for You? Solurion Scenario Product at a Glance Network Security ZyXEL DSLAM Technology Ensures Smooth Internal Communication in Buddhachinaraj Hospital Phitsanulok, Thailand Success Story Challenges Buddhachinaraj Hospital Phitsanulok
  • Zip Code Thailand
    ZIP Code: How long in Thailand? : Since EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION EMPLOYMENT TYPE: ENTERPRENEUR EMPLOYEE (PLEASE CIRCLE) Organisation: Type of business: Position: Official address : City: Country: ZIP Code : FAMILY MEMBER(S) Name Relation BDay (DD/MM) Gender Blood Zip Code .. Home phone (..) .. Office phone (..) ..……. Permanent address (if different from above) Date of previous visits to Thailand ..……………..…….. (Air, Train, or Ship) Place to stay in Thailand The 28th Conference of the Mechanical Engineering Network of Thailand . Author A1, Author B2 and Author C1,* 2 Academic or Business Affiliation, Address, City, Province, Zip Code *Corresponding Author: E-mail, Telephone Number, Fax. Number. Zip Code: City: VD Division, 9 ( formerly 189 ) South Sathorn Road ,Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand. Tel (66-2) 676 5383, Fax: (66-2) 286 3013 E-mail: registration@cottisa.org. Author: OPEY A. Created Date: 01/09/2014 18:21:00 Title: LOVE Last modified by: User Bangkok Conference, June 5. th – 7. th, 201. 4, Bangkok, Thailand (Submit this form by email to: b. angkok. @sibresearch.org) I. REGISTRATION DETAILS. Attending author’s name: Post/ZIP Code: Card holder’s . e. mail . a. ddress: (notification will be sent by. State……… ..…. Zip Code…………… Country………… ………….. Tel………………… Mobile 10140 Bangkok, Thailand Account Name: World Wings SWIFT Code: KASITHBK Purpose: Payment for participating in World Wings 2014 charity convention in Convention Centre at CentralWorld from 25-27 August 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) is the Host Organisation for 2014 APDT. Zip/Postal Code: Country: Telephone: Facsimile: They must be sorted by postal code and tied together in a batch of 10, CAT Headquarters, Laksi, Bangkok 10002, Thailand, Tel. 0 – 2506 3124, 0 – 2573 5443 Fax 0 – 2573 5442. ZIP Province Remarks 10100-10120 BANGKOK 10140-10260, 10300-10530, Bangkok, ...
  • Zuji Thailand
    The ZUJI Online Travel Report tracks online travel booking trends for flight, hotel and other bookings on various ZUJI sites across Asia Pacific. The ZUJI Online Travel Report tracks online travel booking trends for flight, hotel and other bookings online in Asia Pacific on ZUJI, and from related sources. ZUJI, a leading online travel company in Asia/Pacific, Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States further extend coverage beyond Asia. To date, SingTel EXPAN has data center alliances in 26 cities across eight countries. Hua Hin, Thailand GettinG theRe: Online booking agent Zuji have flights with major airlines and no booking fees from most Asian cities to Bangkok. www.zuji.com Stay at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi airport hotel in Bangkok for connecting transfers The natural calamities and terrorist activities in the Asia Pacific region indirectly affected tourist traffic. Hong Kong and the Philippines. In Thailand and Hong Kong, Zuji teams up with Asia Miles for promotional online offer. 2005 Zuji partnership with Lonely Planet. Thailand 406.6 375.2 344.1 Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific 708.0 768.5 757.9 North Asia 1,823.2 2,207.6 2,304.7 South and Southeast Asia 2,885.2 3,500.9 3,751.1 • Ctrip.com (China) • Zuji.com (Singapore) Licensing 1 Thailand, and their first in Pattaya, Hertz Asia-Pacific will join the elite ranks of the pioneering honoraries – Singapore Airlines and Singapore Changi Airport 53 Best On-line Travel Agent ZUJI 54 Best Corporate Travel Agency The ZUJI Online Travel Report tracks online travel booking trends for flight, hotel and other bookings on various ZUJI sites across Asia Pacific. Asia-Pacific’s airline landscape has been hit by unprecedented and widespread change. Alliances Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Chile, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Kuwait, due to the advent of the internet. The growth of websites such as ...
  • Zoo Magazine Thailand
    Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Thailand and establishment of a Wild West Cowboy Show with 2,000-seating capacity at Taman Safari in Indonesia. The Portico group has helped prepare master plans for 37 zoos across the world. SOURCE: Mumbai Newsline 8th January 2007. Arrived in Portland from Thailand in 1953. Rosy sparked public excitement for a zoo that was then largely outdated and overlooked, the zoo for the first time. Life magazine covered the momentous occasion with a lengthy feature describing Recognized as the #1 Zoo in the U.S. by Parents Magazine (2009) and Child Magazine (2004), Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is dedicated to serving as an educational resource Khao Kheow Zoo, in Chonburi, Thailand, serves as the project’s breeding center, housing Thailand’s wild cats including the clouded leopard. (AZA), and has been named the No. 1 zoo in America by both Parents magazine (2009) and Child magazine (2004). The Zoo is located at 1101 W. Sligh Avenue in Tampa, one mile west of
  • Zhulian Thailand
    ZHULIAN (THAILAND) LTD. 16 2557 12 2556 88 Moo 9 Bangbuathong-Supanburi Road Tambol La-han Bangbuathong District Nontaburi 111 10 TEL : 0-2983-3984 (AUTO 6 LINES) FAX : 0-2983-3916-18, 0-2925-6816-18 Thailand. ZHULIAN CORPORATION BERHAD (415527-P) 031 Annual Report 2012 BUSINESS REVIEW. 032 Annual Report 2012 BUSINESS REVIEW ZHULIAN CORPORATION BERHAD (415527-P) On the other hand, due to the geographical constraints of Indonesia, it ZHULIAN CORPORATION BERHAD (415527-P) Annual Report 2008 National Convention of ZHULIAN (THAILAND) LTD. Thammasat Rangsit Stadium, Northern Bangkok ZHULIAN (THAILAND) LTD is now the Top 3 MLM companies in Thailand (out of the 489 direct selling companies currently registered), and also the major contributor of the group's revenue. Over the last five years, the