7 Days in Bangkok-March 2013

By | November 27, 2013

My week in Bangkok.


25 thoughts on “7 Days in Bangkok-March 2013

  1. Zubair Abdul Hasib

    amazing and very inspiring video. i almost did a virtual tour of Bangkok,
    definitely will visit the places you recorded. thanks once again for the
    informative video!

  2. tratnguyen

    Yes. I have visit Bangkok many times and Yet , I always feel exciting to
    think about the Next trip to amazing Bangkok city.

  3. Starix Peak

    TERRIFIC รถติดไปหน่อยนะครับ ฮาๆ

  4. kimotomass

    7 days comes and goes too fast. I like the way you captured the everyday
    living scenes of people and business. Having been there several times , I
    really enjoyed thailand. . People, food , and beaches. .. Very nice video..
    good job!

  5. Sandra U.

    Awsome video, thank you so much for this report! I was several times in BKK
    and in one month I’m going again, so thanx a lot for this city update, I’m
    so looking forward to be there again…

  6. filthiestfish

    Fantastic video! I am still watching it through. We are going to Bangkok in
    a few weeks time and this is a great introduction for us. It would have
    been really helpful if you could have titled each place, so we would know
    exactly what we are seeing. Nonetheless, a great insight into a wonderful

  7. Bob Bekaert

    Great vid, makes me feel homesick. Next vid please include the river and
    the parks.

  8. rieks gnodde

    Thank you for this great video. A very good impression… you where a bit
    afraid of the streetfood, but did you try it ?????

  9. tardy petros

    Man you spent 7 days on mall..?Whole video is food of mall…Anyway thank
    you for shared it

  10. KenOfthewest

    Really lovely vid, giving the feel of the city. I’m heading there in
    November and can’t wait to smell and taste the street food again. Thanks
    for all the work you put into filming and editing this, really great

  11. Roland Metzner

    Very nice and good video. So i know Bangkok and much Moore in the City. 7
    Days are for Beginners. Go back and looking for all other Beautiful things.
    The climate Shoppingmalls are after a hot day the: Tourist Recreation

  12. John Sheil

    Just back from my 3rd trip to Bangkok.. thanks for the memories…great
    place and well done on your video …

  13. MisterBouncyBounce

    a bathroom with a glass wall? oooooooookay.

  14. Windupmagic20

    Thank You . Very Good Job, I Had A Nice Time. Peace and God Bless . 🙂

  15. Pichai Phaethaya

    Thank you very much MrJacek66 for sharing the great videos with us 🙂

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    Bangkok is a busy bustling hot humid city which never sleeps and the
    traffic crawls – But plan your days and wake up early and there is so much
    to do that you will never get bored!

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