6 Signs You’ve Survived A Trip to Thailand

By | February 5, 2015

6 Signs You’ve Survived A Trip to Thailand….While the flights to get here can be pretty long, this destination is totally worth it. Thailand is a place of gorgeous sights, culture, food and entertainment.

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You crave Chang Beer at home

Chang Beer is widely popular in Thailand. This inexpensive beer started growing in popularity and is now popping up all around the world. The delicious beer is unique in taste and will have you searching aimlessly around your hometown liquor stores for even just a sip.

You try more street food vendors when you’re back home

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Street food is everywhere in Thailand. There’s nearly nowhere that food isn’t offered within a few feet. You may be weary at first but you’ll soon open up and become more adventurous! There are tons of meals like Thai stink beans with shrimp, Lock tien, noodles and so much more! If you’re looking for someone else to try these foods out for you first, you may want to watch “Bizarre Foods” on Netflix. But if you’re planning to watch in your hotel room before you venture out, you may have to unblock it.

You’ve survived a Tuk-Tuk ride

Tuk-tuk’s are local transportation to Thai residents. These are typically Pedicab styled “vehicles” which have three wheels. This does have an engine however, so no one will be dragging you by the bare hands and breaking their back. Traffic in Thailand can be quite congested so smaller vehicles area bit more dangerous. If you’ve managed to get out scrape free, you’re golden!

You weren’t scared at the Phi Ta Khon festival

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This festival is typically filled with performers wearing masks of ghosts from their culture. Men are usually spirits in this festival and have on bright colors like yellow, red, pink and more. These ghosts are based off of religions that the residents of Thailand believe in. Don’t worry; you won’t be haunted by any ghosts by visiting this festival.

Your bungee jump went perfectly as planned

Bungee jumping is a very popular activity, especially when you go to this certain company called “Pattaya Bungy Jump & Human Slingshot”. If you love your breath being taken away and the thrill of a jump, strap up! At Pattaya, you’ll be jumping from over 60 meters high, which is approximately 180 feet! They’re also the only location that is certified and licensed in bunjee jumping, so you’ll definitely be safe at this location.

The human slingshot slings you over 40 meters or 120 feet with a g-force of 4! How incredible is that? Pattaya provides free transportation to and from your hotel as well, so if you’re too scared to concentrate and drive, they’ve got you covered!

You weren’t creeped out by a Fish Spa

Fish spas are actually pretty popular in Thailand. The fish used in the tank you dip your feet in are beneficial to you by removing dead skin. It sounds creepy, but it’s a great way to achieve a silky smooth skin texture. This particular practice is banned in North America (we wonder why), but it’s very popular in Southeast Asia. Did you try this on your trip?


Thailand is a pretty crazy and epic place. From the weird yet delicious street food, to the thrills of bungee jumping, you can do it all! If you’ve been there and lived to tell, you’ve probably had a great time. If you haven’t gone, now you’ve got 6 reasons to start packing your bags!

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