5 Common Holiday Ailments and What to do About Them!

By | September 2, 2013

by Becky Mackay
(Manchester, England, UK)

It’s the holidays. Being the best period of the year you’ll want to take advantage and spend some quality time enjoying yourself with your loved ones. Before the season begins you may have rather enthusiastically laid out some plans on what to do and where to go. However, plans do not always run smoothly and one hindrance to your holiday itinerary may be sudden illness.

Germs Don’t Have Holidays

It is extremely true that all kinds of illnesses can and will spoil the best season of the year. After all, disease-causing germs hang around everywhere: in the air, in the food, in everything we touch, feel, and smell. As such, there is really no real way of escaping them. Of course, we can do some things that can effectively reduce the chances of falling ill on holiday.

But the question is: “what do we do if ever we get one?”

The following are some of the common ailments and suggestions on what to do if we fall ill:

1. Diarrhoea. This is one serious illness that must not be taken lightly. If left untreated, it can lead to dehydration and death. The most effective preliminary treatment is to take a Ciprofloxacin. It is a light antibiotic that is recommended by doctors especially to travellers.

2. Malaria. This is one very serious and very fatal disease. You must be one very unlucky traveler to be infected with this. In an event of an infection, you should immediately see a doctor.

3. Colds. Although this is a less threatening illness, it can still be pretty annoying to catch one of this. The best way to rid yourself of a cold is by taking in plenty of fluids, vitamin C and getting lots of rest. If the cold does not subside after several days, then it is time to check a doctor for it might be a sign of more serious bacterial infections.

4. Tooth pain. This is yet another annoying ailment that can quickly become serious if not given proper attention. You may want to take some painkillers first, but you must see a dentist to determine the cause and, ultimately, remove the source of the pain.

5. Motion sickness. A very common ailment experienced by unseasoned travelers. One good solution for this is to wear an Accu-Pressure wristband that applies pressure on strategic points in the body. However, if the puking starts, there is very little that can be done except to find the most comfortable position in order to minimize the nausea.

The solutions presented are merely the initial steps that must be taken. Essentially, it is critical that you must see a doctor if the symptoms of your ailment continue to surface.

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