4 Best Places You Should Not Miss In French Riveria

By | November 16, 2012

by Julei

Tourist destinations in France are probably one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the vacation. In addition, this multi-cultural nation has something for everyone as it is well known for fashion, music, art, movies and cuisine and also the climate varies from region to region.

The French Riviera is one of the main and the fantastic tourist attractions for travellers to enjoy a vacation. With the Alps playing escort against inland winds and also the sultry Mediterranean warming the breezes, it is pampered by a nearly tropical climate and amongst French people this place is famous as Cote d’Azur. There are many excellent places in French Riviera that are simply awesome. The top 4 best places in the French Riviera one should not miss include


Cannes is one of the famous places in France. Known for the Cannes Film Festival held every year in May, it is a very popular location in Europe and brings celebrities and other people around the world. A trip to Cannes takes a journey to scenic landscapes, exotic beaches and endless historical sights of the city. The beautiful tropical beaches that rival with the historic sites and fascinating architecture make Cannes one of the best places to visit along this part of France.


Marseilles is one of the best places to visit along the French Riviera. As the largest port in France, and one of the most ancient cities still standing, there are numerous tourist attractions in Marseilles, which are worth visiting. One can a visit many museums, historical sites, galleries, parks and numerous natural wonders during holidays. The tourist attractions in Marseilles are wonderful examples of French history and culture. Visiting these sites can be a great way to spend your vacation.


One of the major cities along the French Riviera, Nice is a world class destination for anyone on a honeymoon, or anyone who loves nature and magnificent landscapes. Tropical sunsets, warm white sandy beaches and many historical sites, museums, restaurants, cafés, bars, natural wonders, scenic and other facilities make this city a wonderful and visitor-friendly tourist spot.

Tourists can also find many historical monuments and museums in Nice, which are worth a visit. These are some of the best examples of the countrys rich history as well as cultural heritage. Also, trip to the beautiful city of Nice does not complete without visiting it’s numerous shops and restaurants lining the streets of this city.

St. Tropez

One of the hot vacation spots along the French Riviera is St-Tropez, a place known for the glitz and glamour. Trip to St. Tropez are full of fun and excitement. One can embark on tours to St-Tropez and check out its famous historic sites as well as the other local attractions.

The exquisite sea views, turquoise water and gentle warm climate combine to make this region a tropical ideal destination for anyone and any budget. Tourist spots of French Riviera are one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world because of its international appeal.

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