4 Awesome Reasons To Visit Japan This Year!

By | September 21, 2013

by Kelly Rodgers
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Japan is hot this year, very hot. More and more people from around the world are traveling to this exotic country that boast beautiful gardens, luxerious shopping districts, and world class views. Here are a fewdestinations that have made our top 4 reasons to visit Japan’s list.

Ginza District

The Ginza District isn’t one of the most luxurious shopping places in the world without a reason. The Ginza District boasts some of the most expensive stores in the world as well as many high-end restaurants. If you’re from the west and you’re really craving some typical western food, this would be the place to be.

The Ginza District is the most western-focused area of Japan. While you can find most brand names here such as Disney, Gucci, Armani, and many others you’re likely also to see many other affluent westerners.

Tokyo National Museum

TNM or Tokyo National Museum is one of Japan’s largest museums. It boast an astronomical 100,000 thousands pieces of art and sculpters from all time periods in various styles. There is a piece of art for anyone who visits to enjoy and marvel at.

While most of the artwork and sculptures are from Japanese artist some pieces are from Europe and America. There are five galleries in the museum and I recommend visiting them all!

The 5 Galleries Of The Tokyo National Museum

Honkan Gallery
Toyokan Gallery
Hyokeikan Gallery
Heiseikan Gallery

The Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is used for observations and communications. It stands 332.5 meters high and is located in Shiba park, Minato, Tokyo. The tower was constructed in 1958 and holds a small shop underneath it. In the shop you can find a souvenir shop, museum, and a few restaurants. Although the tower is now used for radio communications and tourist observation it was originally intended to be a radio and tv broadcaster.

American Village

The American Village is known to the Japanese as Amerikaura, or Ame-Mura for short. This particular hotspot is a retail and entertainment zone featuring everything you’d find at America. Yes, you can even find a D & B here! Think of it as a China Town for Japan. Instead, its a America Town for the Japanese.

Japan isn’t a country that you visit just once. Explore it and be captivated by its rich culture and incredible, natural beauty. Have fun while you’re there and make sure you go back!