25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

By | November 21, 2013

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10 thoughts on “25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. My Holiday - Bangkok Sukhumvit

    Dear Baan KrungThep Fellows,

    Browsing around Internet I found this video showing in few minutes
    everything I love the most in Bangkok. These ’25 amazing things to do’ are
    just a little of what you can really do and visit, but it shows you the
    easy and natural life of this city I love a lot.
    Have a look and hope you enjoy it.

  2. CS Wong

    I learned something new too. Gonna hafta visit Pahurat & Or Tor Kor one day.

  3. WindowsSoftwareDe

    this all looks so delicious and is cheap… but unfortunately a flight from
    my country to Bangkok costs 600 EUR and another 600 if I want to come
    back… thank you for being there and showing us Thailand! 🙂

  4. redjurij

    Hm..most of the video is about shopping and eating :S. Personably I like to
    experience different things, learn and see different stuff, so shopping and
    eating all day doesn’t sound that fun to me.

  5. Ralph Acuna

    This is awesome. When I went I only went to Lumpini Stadium to watch fights
    and we hit a floating market. Next time I’ll have to spend a little more
    time doing the food and monuments. thanks

  6. SunnyLife App

    I was 2 weeks in Bangkok in late 2004 and enjoy only half of that list 🙁
    Maybe for the next time…!

    Btw, for those who wants to know the best time to visit Bangkok and other
    awesome places, checkout my free iPhone App SunnyLife:


    It’s the only “Best Time to Visit” iPhone app!

  7. Adam Davies

    You have convinced me to try durian while i am here. I was a little
    uncertain as it smells so bad. I love your style and infectious passion. I
    was suprised that I hadnt done it all yet. Bangkok is so big and there is
    so much to do that this is a realy helpful check list that i will make sure
    to do before i leave. Cheers

  8. 1000frolly

    What about the No.1 attraction; ladyboys and whores on Sukhumvit rd?

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