100 Baht a day in Chiang Mai… is it possible?

By | November 21, 2013

100 Baht a day in Chiang Mai… is it possible? From University Canteens to Local markets Open Chiang Mai show you how to survive on 100 Baht a day in Chiang…

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25 thoughts on “100 Baht a day in Chiang Mai… is it possible?

  1. theravedaddy

    you dont know anything about thais do you? anyone who pays more than the
    correct price is thought as a fool or in your language a chump ginger,
    which i suspect you probably are. and ginger is an anagram…..go try to

  2. m109rocket

    A fucking Tip is a person’s gratitude to a service you tight arse stop
    trying to justify your F****** STINGINESS, You know what trash that go to
    Thailand like you and your 26 mates are not worth shit you guys are like
    fleas on a dogs back a punch blood sucking freaks.

  3. theravedaddy

    the tip is 5 baht you stupid ass prick. i showed this to 2 thai girls and
    they both said anyone leaving 100baht tip for a piss is either stupid, an
    asshole………..or american. why not take it up with them as they seem to
    know what theyre talking about……or just reply with the same old boring
    insults that are the only thing people like you can come up with.

  4. Jay Cee

    I sure wish i had lived in your days; kids these days need at least 10/day
    just to eat, and they are eating CRAP since literally all foods are
    genetically modified and UNHEALTHY. Do you know what future generations
    will be paying? At least 20-30/ day for food. No offense sir, but you had
    it easy compared to the standard of living in the so called “good old
    U.S.A.” today.

  5. Stephen Monash

    Seems like a nice energetic & relaxing day – although a little taxing in
    making money stretch as far as you did – Btw shouldn’t you have had the
    apple for play lunch

  6. seanmoriarty2

    That woman who sold the beer looks unimpressed with the whole thing

  7. john green

    another broke fool in Thailand , stay in your own country fool

  8. NikkiOmglife80

    Ok so thats awesome I went to mcdonalds and spent $6 usd and thats one meal

  9. David Pecchiari

    3 meals and a beer/98 baht good for the people who are running out of money
    and doing it tough.don’t know if i could do it,good vid cheers

  10. paul erricson

    pretty pathetic video, sleeping in a hotel value as much as 1/5 of a
    monthly incoem of a thai person, then act like low life try to live like
    some thais have to live daily ? dude you didnt understand thailand at all.
    go do live of 7000 thb a month pay rent, food, phone, internet, and THEN
    you know what its about live like a average thai worker.

  11. paul erricson

    he represent the typical average loser go to thailand ending up winign
    around in some years cause he fall in love with a hooker, then wining on
    thailand, thai girls and thais over all. if you live in thailand, you
    understand and get quite annoyed of that type of person ! they know shit of
    the country, mostly hang out in tourists spots and think they have seen
    shit. those losers are fucking annoying !

  12. paul erricson

    what was the point of the video? ignorant and arrogant to the people have
    to live like that as a daily worker on a field. people like that visiting 3
    world countries only for make themself feel a bit more comfortable at home,
    hornestly whats the point of that…? like you think you got some brighter
    understanding now how thais live? how about work on a field and spend
    another 30 baht on transport (buss) and how about you do work 12-15 houre
    day as well in the heat 🙂 keep it real

  13. slabsides1

    l.o.l. o.k. I see your point:) You only want people with lots of money to
    visit your country:) I am American, and millions of poor people come to
    live in my country every year. Some contries like Japan and Australia make
    you prove you have lots of money before they let you in. Maybe you can get
    them to do that in Thailand.

  14. John Kalasin

    What are the point of your comments. He never ever compared himself to a
    Thai worker. I really don’t know what the fuck your jabbering on about so
    shut the fuck up you boring twat.

  15. cr38961

    I can just about remember being young enough to have a heavy night, sleep
    in a hot room and still feel like eating when I woke up 🙂

  16. arerr Krong

    life to be easy ,if not easy that it’s not right!! I love CM coz made me
    easy life .you know? i can spend money just 25 banth for all day.just do be
    easy and let’s go eat noodle with me!! chob mak mak!!

  17. MrShnazer

    when I have to live like this in Thailand then I know it’s time to go home.

  18. Luke MacLeod

    Relax man! He is just showing for tourists. I live in Thailand also and you
    have to admit that if you were back in Europe to spend a day on 2.5 euros
    is impossible. If you want to help people take your angry energy and invest
    it somewhere. At least these guys are openchiangmai are attracting tourists
    which does help the local economy. Did a Thai girl break your heart? Do you
    know the stereotypical person that you are talking about?

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