Why Build a Website All About Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Having lived in Thailand now for just over seven years, six of those years in Chiang Mai and loved every minute of my time here, I really wanted to share my experiences of the places, the people, the culture and just the general way of life.

My vision for this website is to give visitors, as well as the seasoned expat, all of the information needed about the City of Chiang Mai, travel to surrounding areas, special attractions, Thai tradition, and other important tidbits that are unique to this region of Thailand. There is so much to see and enjoy here to include the finest in Thai cuisine, endless shopping venues, unique culture, and the thrill of the mountainous landscape. The country’s pristine beaches are just a flight away as well.

Chiang Mai is special because of its mixture of different hill tribe people, some who have inhabited this region for thousands of years. These tribes include the Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Padaung (long-necked Karen), and Lawa. There are other minority tribes as well. The Akha, for instance, are probably the most notorious of the hill tribes in this region and you will find their crafts made with unique embroidery and patchwork designs. The Hmong, Karen, Lahu, and Lisu tribes also create their style of crafts from bamboo baskets to products woven on looms.

The climate of Chiang Mai is special as well. While Chiang Mai is tropical, it is also cooler than other regions to the south. This is because of its higher elevation and northern geographical position. Along with its seasonal cooler temperatures comes lower humidity which is refreshing compared to other parts of Thailand. You will also find that the mornings during the months of December and January can be quite crisp and that a warm coat just might be in order.

For those who love taking in nature at its best, there are many national parks in this northern paradise. Some of the national parks found here are the Doi Suthep-Pui, Doi Inthanon, and Ob Khan. There are many more. In these parks you can enjoy some of the most beautiful nature Thailand has to offer plus go camping, bicycling, picnicking, and hiking. It is in these parks where you can also experience the mountains of the region. The highest mountain in Thailand is found in the Doi Inthanon National Park and rises to just over 2,500 meters above sea level. It is cold all year at the higher elevations of this peak so wear warm clothing.

Enough cannot be said about the shopping this northern metropolis of the country offers. You have your choice from small boutique shops offering the local tribal handicrafts to large shopping malls with all of the world’s name brands. And, don’t forget the outdoor markets with their fresh fruits and vegetables that are unique to this land. Some popular shopping venues include the Night Bazaar, Ratchadamnoen Walking Street, Kad Sum Murd (Midnight Market), and Nimmanhaemin. The list seems endless when you get information on all of the places where you can shop or just browse. Also, in these venues, you can find the local Thai cuisine that everyone enjoys when they visit this land.

Since Chiang Mai is surrounded by land, beaches are rather distant but not impossible to enjoy. It does require making a journey to enjoy the seashore of Thailand but the best of these venues are found in the southern part of the country. Travel to beaches on the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea can be reached by air. There are plenty travel agencies here that can get you the best deals on Thailand beach vacations.

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What I will endeavor to do is to provide you with a mixture of useful information, local knowledge & practical tips that will ensure that your visit to Chiang Mai, this most beautiful part of Thailand provides you with long lasting & vivid memories for many years to come.

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The people in this part of Thailand which in itself is known as “the Land of Smiles”, are without doubt the friendliest & outgoing you will meet anywhere within the Kingdom of Thailand. Their makeup is a mixture of Thai, Myanmar, Laos & Chinese nationalities which appears to have created almost the most perfectly balanced, honest & friendly people I think I have EVER met !!.

Come with me now, and let me help to guide you around Chiang Mai & its surrounding areas.

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